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Very light drifty conditions met the skippers with nice sunshine , I would like to say force one, but I would be lying, then the sun went in and it was quite cold, so starting with the I.O.M fleet,  Chris Elliott drifted a little quicker than the rest and had a clean sweep well done  Chris,



the Df 95 twosome also drifted around chatting most of the way and Mick C took 5 out of 6 races , we raced on the South Bank and many thanks must go to Alan Newman who came all the way from near Peterbourough to do the OOD job , Thanks also to Chris for keeping us warm with ginger cake at half time.


While the racing was a little slow , we had the chance to welcome another new member to the club brought along by Graham K , his name is Roger, and he is very keen to get started, I am sure we shall see a lot more of both of them this year as they can sort out a little car share from the Boston area .

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