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The 3rd running of this event brought a Northerly breeze top suit conditions and beautiful sunshine , The 28 competitors enjoyed great racing in two fleets , Seeding went as planned for some and not for others , the Brit Pop of Darin B taking the next three races with John T not to far behind and Dave B keeping the leaders honest, new boy Craig Raistrick from Rotherham showing some fine form in his MX 14. Tim Hand a dingy sailor, back for the first time in a year with an I.O.M sailed a borrowed V9 into 7th place. The weather stayed fine all day untill the last heat of the last race when the heavens opened and ensured we all went home with wet pants, The prize giving took a little change in the top three got their just deserts and the next three winners were drawn from a hat and if you weren’t there you missed out,. Every body went home very happy after a great day’s racing, and many congratulations to our winner Darin Ballington GBR 98 for his victory.

Most important was the Team that helped it all happen on the day and many thanks to Liz Bacon who handled the bacon buttie’s on the day , ( yes that’s right ) her right hand lady was Jan Cooper ,Jackie Hunt who did the scoring with help from Liz Tushingham who had a day off from sailing, Our finish line judges Ed and Alan who did a brilliant job Mick Chamberlain who fluffed around all day, Phil Harpham our race officer who did brilliantly, and most of all Jen Hand for putting this annual event on ,If I have forgotton anybody Sorry , and I think it fair to say that Clive would have been looking down and would have heartily approved at the good-natured manner in which the sailing took place.


Many Thanks to all we raised £ 85.00 for the R.N.L.I a great achievement.


Worthy winner on the right DB, with Jen Hand and OOD Phil Harpham


Fantastic Prizes


All Smiles from the Podium



Yes these three boats were on the podium .


Tim Hand gbr 141 leading the fleet down the run




A great day of racing .


More Pictures here if it all works


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