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Another great day of racing at Scotland Farm, 12 skippers turned out including 2 visitors for round 2 of the summer series. Steady south westerly breeze 5/8 knots and clear blue sky gave the skippers some challenging conditions and a great eye sight test as the windward mark seemed to be in another village. Racing was very very close, and if you got ahead you had to cover your _____e Some notable results that wee nice to see were Gordon and Bert getting a 1st and a 2nd each, in all 6 different skippers recorded a 1st place .   At the end of the day Mick C took the honour’s by a whisker Bob Geary series leader came home 2nd and one of our visitors from Fleetwood Michael P getting 3rd slot . Many thanks to all for barging on the start line and the good humour in which you did it, Thanks to the visitors for putting up with us. Next race in the series will be on the 12th June. so if you wanna be a part of this great series. !!!

Snip of DF 65 round 2  on the 22nd May 2016

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