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Probably the best morning of the summer so far with clear blue skys and a warm gentle breeze that got stronger as the morning went on, Chris Elliott OOD starting proceedings on the south bank, but by tea break the wind had veered 120 degrees  before finally settling in the North East quadrant for a spell, finally veering further into the South East when a move back to the South bank was made .The racing was close fought up and down the fleet and there was little to choose, The long beats needed care with the shifts and if you got round the weather mark first you still had work to do to stay in front, Consistency paid off and Dancing Dave Burke never out of the top three took the honors, well done, Phil H was unlucky to have a servo burn out and probably lucky he still as a boat as the smell of burning was extreme , the battle between Bert W 34 and Mick C 39 continues and we look forward to that next time, tactical chats in the new clubhouse each Wednesday could well be a benefit.

Many thanks to Jan for doing scoring for us you did a fantastic job, all in all a fab day of racing with 8 different types of boat from the 9 competitors.

snip I.O.M championship round 2 8th May 2016


Dragonflite round 2 summer series , although only two boats out it was a battle royal as they match raced there way round the course, Ivan and Gordon not giving an inch finally they could not be split and it appeard tobe a dead heat unless any one can find a way to tear them apart.

Snip of round 2 8th May 2016

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