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Fantastic start to the summer series , with a fresh North Westerly and sunny skies, a little on the chilly side and racing was from the South Bank. 19 competitors turned up including one visitor. Keith Holmes our OOD for the day did a sterling job keeping the racing moving at all times and setting a long first beat which spread the fleet enough not to have any pile ups at the weather mark. First race was won by Mick Chamberlain in his V9 closely followed by Chris Elliott and Dave Burke. All skippers elected to start with B suits , it was marginal I have to say, after 4 races a coffee break was called,  and the wind had dropped a little, enough to send skippers into a panic to get the top suits on, many forgoing a cuppa just so they could remain in the hunt, Mick C Broke a shroud even before hitting the water and missed the next race and in trying to desperately get the B rig back on got in a major tangle and twist, He managed a first in race 6 which seemed to favor the B suit boys, the breeze was up and down for the rest of the morning,  but overall favored the Top suit, but gave some very exciting racing up and down the fleet. Towards the end of the morning breakages took there toll, and the fleet got depleted, Both Dave Burke and Chris Elliott showed good consistency to get their results, Neil Coleman sailed very well as did Chris Corrin with his Isis, The battle between Bert W and Mick Cooper continues. Every body had a great days racing and it did not matter to much where you were in the fleet there was always a battle going on. We look forward to the next round 15th May .


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