Lincoln Radio Sailing Club



Just before we do the race report I have been speaking to Martin Lambert who is quite poorly at the moment. He asked me to send his best wishes to all the members and to let you know how much he misses the competition, I did this at the briefing Martin,  and everybody who was there, and I am sure everybody who reads this report wishes you all the very best, and we all look forward to seeing you at lake side when the weather gets warmer.

Mick C

Another fantastic Sunday Morning saw 9 competitors come to the line for round 6, the weather was forecast as windy , but A rigs  were the order of the day until coffee break. For one reason or another it was a slightly depleted line up, but first race up was Bob G with his evo 3 showing the rest the way home, an unfortunate incident with something green and slimy halted his progress in race 2 , a rare happening . Sailing was done from the East bank and a long windward leeward course was set with two laps, Mick C had a couple of wins as did Neil C and then in race 5 Bob G scored another first. The wind had been increasing over the previous hour and as there had been one or dives downwind the general consensus was to change to B rigs, Good results were posted by Mick C and Neil C, and Chaz J won race 7, also in race 7 there was a dead heat for third place between Jenny H and Neil C , the conditions seemed also to suit the AB 4 of Gordon B who was getting some good places including a third in the last race, Mick H was not going too well and will be disappointed with his morning, To be fair the starter was playing up a bit and also I noticed he had rudder problems , Ivan mentioned it may be time to get a faster boat, well thats what I thought he said !, but we had 5 different winners of the races, showing  the fleet improving overall.  Thanks go to all who helped with the dingy and putting the gear away,  and we all just made it before the rain started. A great mornings racing, results are below .


Look out for the series standings , and remember the next round is on,

SUN 15TH   ROUND     7       I.O.M Winter Series No race will start after   1300 hr.

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