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Results for 31st August Both R.M and Dragon force

Another fantastic day for round 7 of the R.M and round 9 of the Dragon Force , Starting with the R.M we only had four boats on the water due to a last minute electrical glitch with Ivan’s transmitter However Ivan very kindly stayed on to do the scoring which was a great help to everybody and we are very grateful . We also ran the I.O.M fleet with a 1 minute delay , which made life more difficult than normal so the scores you see below are for both fleets but only the R.M will go on the series so far sheet , The day was sunny and very warm with about 10/12 knots of breeze from the North West , a course was set using the south bank and three laps were required to complete the course with a short dog leg to the finish, Martin Lambert stamped his authority on the event winning the first three races in a row , his boat looked superb and is well cared for , In fact he lost only one race of the six , with Graham Keighley taking race 4 . A consistent  set of results from Bob Geary gaining five second places , with Colin Marsden not having the best of days. We wait with anticipation for another R.M to join the fleet which will make 7 at the club if they all turn up for racing .

results below and you will see that Dave boy Gunson after a long absence from the club was what appeared to be the best of the I.O.M racers, One of the most improved sailors in recent weeks has been Mick Hunt GBR 131 sailing his new ish Lintel and only 2 points behind D.B.G , Alan Newman also had a great morning and in fact in two races pipped the R.Ms Jim Dinmore is getting better by the week and there were signs today that newcomer Bert Whitehead is staring to get the knack , Practice Practice , He also is pretty good with a spanner in hand as we have found out with our tractor mower, A large turnout can be expected next week for round 11 of the I.O.M series .



Round 9 of the Dragon Force summer series got under way shortly after lunch in perfect conditions over a shortened course , again Martin Lambert stole the show with 6 points from 8 races and again Mick Hunt showed some consistent form to take second place , Chaz (expletives ) Jordan taking third spot , from a Guest and hopefully future member called Chris, who put in a fine performance , Phil GBR 44 came with a hangover and it showed , Norman Fish did actually beat Jim Dinmore on count back but I could not get it to show it on the score sheet , Alan had a miserable day and Gordon’s boat filled with water and the winch  packed up, We need a bit more effort from the Dragon fleet I think we have sixteen in the club so a bit more commitment is needed, Full results are below and I will put the series results up in the next couple of Days


Dragon Force series round 9   summer 2014

dragon nats 9

Picture courtesy of Sue Brown Dragon Force at speed.


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