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Spalding at the Show

The show at Spalding was great we had a great time met a lot of people and for the organisers we think it was a huge success and will hopefully be run again next year,The show was amazing from Planes and trains to scale Boats , Jcb diggers and great big trucks all radio control , There was a class one tank on display ( model of course but big enough to sit on ) I think it had something to do with Bob G’s factory , the train sets were to die for , CNC routers company’s were in attendance at least three or Four , there was a tool stand that had every king of tool for model making that you could think of and then some Miniature traction engines were giving rides outside, just so much to see and do . a couple of pictures below of our stand .


The Spalding Show 2014








Yep we had a telly that played DVD’s of yacht racing on the stand

My thanks go to Bill Cox for organizing and coordinating the whole affair, Ivan and Beth who gave up there whole weekend to be a major help , Alan Newman , Martin Lambert , and Jenny Hand , for helping out with leaflets and just being there,

Just before I go, there will be sailing at Scotland farm this coming Sunday , and any body who turns up are sure to learn some tips from Martin as well as some friendly races , Bob has kindly cut the grass for us but , it does need a trim around the toilet area if its not to much trouble.

The I.O.M Veterans are being held near Norwich the weekend after , and I am pleased to say that Lincoln is well represented with three contestants , Jenny , Chaz and Mick . out of an expected entry of 25 , so we wish them well.

Some of you may have noticed , but a full on race day has been planned for a bank holiday Sunday , and that day is the 25th May ( it is Mick’s fault ) He did not realize when he did the calendar,,,BUT  It is not going to be changed , so I would urge you all to sort out your brownie points in advance and turn up for racing ( you have four weeks ) .

One final thing we have a number of jobs to to at the club and I am planning to get started on them around the middle of May , perhaps on a Wednesday morning , If you feel you have missed out and would like to contribute to one of the best clubs in the North feel free to email me or even Phone, don’t feel left out, you will be made most welcome and will be given a task commensurate with your age and abilities.

that’s it from me

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