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NEWS 27th January 2014

OK , there were five people at the lake on Sunday and thats five more than I thought would be there, The weather lived up to its promise with Driving rain strong winds and freezing cold , we had four Dragons at the lake and three sailed but one,,,,, well he just could not get going , Mick had a C suit Norman had a B suit and Ivan had a top suit , we didn’t do any proper races but we had a bit of fun, Mick went out in the dingy to round up the buoys that had been spread around by the strong winds of the previous week, the dingy was afloat and had pulled its concrete weight out of the ground , the lake has got about two foot more water in it than it had last week , and the jetty needs to be repositioned or else we will need wellies to get to it. We had a cup of tea and put the world to rights for an hour , My little dragon was fantastic with its tiny rig on, but in the end we all went home to the warm and dry. But hey next week it is round two for the I.O.M yachts , so let us try and beat our best total of boats on the water for this year , and have some fantastic racing, Try and get down a bit earlier than you are used to because we WILL start at 10 am, ready or not , It has also been suggested that when we have finished the I.O.M we do three Dragon races , to try and recover some of the lost race’s on Sunday, and then the following week race three more , If you would like to see this happen send me an email, and I will then let you all know before Friday.

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Brown sauce sir

Do you remember this event last year , it will happen again on the 23rd February 2014, so if you want to race make sure your boat is prepared and Measured, and if you want to help just let me know , some of the top skippers from the North and Midlands will be there, so book your bacon butt’y early.

In the meantime see you all next Sunday at Scotland Farm




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