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Today saw the first organised(ish) race at the temporary lake at Scotland Farm. 8 IOMs and 3 Dragons were in attendance with sundry onlookers and interested parties ranging in age from about 8 to a bit older.

The wind was cold from the north west about 10 mph but steady and consistent – something we never had at Apex pit.

Because boats were being lent, mainly by Mick, to encourage interested parties not everyone sailed in all races. I have tried to make allowances where possible and a ” best I can do”results list follows.

1st              Martin          12 points            2 first places

2nd          David              12                         1 first place

3rd           Gordon           21

4th           Colin               25

5th           Mick               29           Shared with a potential member

6th          Alan                30

7th           Ivan                 33                            Best position 2nd

8th          Seymour          33                             Best position 5th

Next Sunday is scheduled to be an RM event – it will be interesting to see if the deep keels can find the shallow places.

Happy sailing



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