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SUNDAY 17/11/2013

Well some of us went and tested the water at our new temporary home lake , and it is really funny but I cannot think of a day we have had this year without a breath of wind , Not even a cats paw , but we had a get together, threw in some buoys , tested the depth, met the landlord and had a couple of drive by visitors. The lake as we all saw has huge potential for us,  while Hykeham sorts its weed problems out. Ivan, Bob, Gordon, Colin, Seymore, Mick, David, all turned up,  and I think were all impressed .  Bob Sheldon our landlord popped down to see what we were up to, and  showed us where the toilet !!!!  was a little gap between the hedge and a tree , and Colin was the first to try it . We now need to sort out getting the small jetty and Dingy moved round during the next week or so and putting some buoys out, we are hoping to leave the buoys in position, and are looking at a retrieval system for the dinghy so that it can be left on a mooring 20 or so yards from the bank . We shall sail at the lake for the next 3/4 weeks with the blessing of the Landlord Bob and then have a get together to see how we all feel ,

We also need to get our heads around having our AGM so if anybody has any idea’s on dates let me know , It is possible we could use the club , but if anybody has other idea’s you know my email.



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