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Hi everybody, I would just like to ask if you are all receiving my emails because I do not seem to be getting a response.

This coming weekend there will be sailing at the Apex for I.O.M  and Hopefully I will see you all there , a couple of points to ponder and give me some answers  First up it is our turn for the Jubilee trophy  see this on the calendar         Tuesday 15th October   “TUESDAY” JUBILEE TROPHY INTER CLUB AT LINCOLN  2/3 SAILORS REQUIRED ALL DAY EVENT !! HELP NEEDED PLEASE This is the final round .PLEASE NOTE  RACING AND PRIZE GIVING WILL NOW BE HELD AT ROTHERHAM WHERE A FULL LUNCH AND REFRESHMENTS WILL BE PROVIDED. we have been lacking in support for this event so far this year for one reason or another , I need 3 sailors with I.O.M measured boats to race I would also ask for one or two volunteers to help out , the catering will be done by Rotherham , so if you want to put you name in the hat let me know , also let me know if you do not want to help/participate,

Second up is we are holding the Veterans for I.O.M this year in October , and although we have had weed problems, you will all know of the recent post put on this website about it ,  , this is the listing in the calendar

  26TH/27TH     I.O.M VETERANS AT LINCOLN 2 DAY EVENT FOR THE OVER 60’S     if your boat is measured and has a certificate this could be your chance to shine , If you’re not sailing and wish to help the club will be most grateful. Mick C will be OD after coming second in the event last year. Its a great friendly good-natured event with plenty of banter and a good chance to catch up .  Even if you’re not sailing please don’t miss it .HELP NEEDED.

Anybody interested  ???   it is less than a month away,!!!!!!

Ivan is as I speak compiling the seasons results for both I.O.M and R.M on an excel sheet to bring everything up to date , when he has finished we will transfer to a PDF file and post on the website for all to see, My thanks go to Bob for devising the new sheet and to Ivan for the painstaking job of putting all the info in the right places.

The Club has now purchased a 3.5HP 4 stroke outboard which was tried out two weeks ago and worked perfectly. The electric unit is fine and works well in light airs, the new outboard will work well when the wind is up ,, What we now need is a small secure Metal container say 6’X 2′ X 6′ tall with a lockable lid to keep it in , at the lake , we will find ways to make it secure, so if anybody has any Ideas please, where we could purchase or have made  let me know.

We need to set a date for the A.G.M this year I am proposing  we do it early in December , date to be finalized if you have any dates in mind let me know , and also if you have specific comments/ideas also let me know so that we can start to plan, Our membership is currently 16 and I am hoping we will have some new members prior to the A.G.M .

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