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Mick is Back

Ok Guy,s and gals , I am back from my adventures , unfortunately sometimes there is not happy ending . I had a great time but now is the time to concentrate on Lincoln Model Yacht Club .It seems that while I was away the club continued its momentum and has recruited some new members three I met at the lake last Sunday, Unfortunately I could not stay to long but if any body has any details like phone numbers or emails for the new guy’s I would be grateful , just so I can touch base and add them to our blog, I have spoken to some of you and will try and call you all   ( or you can call me ) This coming Sunday is an all day event , so “let’s be having you” as they say and let’s have a great turnout , some of you may want to hear a tale or two of whales and ships in the night,  some may not be interested whatever lets all make an effort for Sunday , reports say that some of you have not been seen for a while !!!!!!  I haven’t counted but we may be up to twenty members and I have had a phone call this week from a guy in Market Raisin who is coming on Sunday to have a sail with us , so let’s get it on , there may be a tad of weed but last week it didn’t affect anybody  it is a marble head day but do not let that put you off IOM are welcome and there are plenty to race against , I have heard that Chaz is not to well at the moment so we all wish him well for a speedy recovery and return to the lake soon I hear David has not been seen for a while maybe his head is in an exercise book and he has lost interest , I do hope not after buying my prized Widget come on David lets see you at the lake and have a break ,

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