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Lincoln offered a warm welcome to 24 visitors for the final round of the winter series. Trouble was the lake was not warm at all and when the race team arrived at 8am the lake had a covering of ice that almost put the event in jeopardy, a couple of guys jumped into the dingy and started rowing around the course where the buoys were to try to break it up, but is was stubborn and with no wind did not help , By 0930 am most of the competitors lined the banks of the lake and looked on with amusement at two crazy guys using a rowing boat to try to clear the course , a short meeting was convened and a postponement sorted till 11am , with a bit of breeze filling in the team with the help of some of the competitors worked feverishly to try to get some racing on , the weather was fantastic and eventually at 1130 the first race was run, in two heats , and on the third race the ice flow had moved close to the weather mark ( unbeknown to the race committee so when the skippers tried to round the weather mark they all got stuck in the ice ( is this a first ) heat abandoned ice breakers to the lake , a change of course and within half an hour we were running again, and this time we carried on and at the end of the day had manages 16 heats, and we think everybody went home happy, especially the winner on the day ,, and chief getting stuck in to the ice breaking man  Darin Ballington, the results are posted below and some pictures it is hoped to show  a short video of the days proceedings at a later date. Lincoln would like to thank everybody for their patience and understanding on the day.

round 4 and gibbs trophy resultssorry it is so small if you need it larger please go to

1st Place Darin Ballington

1st place Darin Ballington

2nd place tony Edwards

2nd place tony Edwards

3rd place John Tushingham

3rd place John Tushingham

4th place Graham Light weight Whalley

4th place Graham Light weight Whalley


Winner of the Gibbs trophyy 2012/13 Darin Ballington

Winner of the Gibbs Trophy 2012/13 Darin Ballington



Never looks so bad on a photo , but hey trust me !!!!!!!!









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