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Hi everybody, I hope you all had a great Xmas and are now relaxed with feet up watching the sport on TV , The entry for our Winter Warmer has reached 16 and there may be one or two late entries enticed by the smell and fragrance of bacon bap’s on the Barbie with succulent red or brown sauce , Get there early if you want to enjoy them , The weather looks as if it is going to be fine and at the moment the wind is looking to be in the south-west about 15/18 knot’s , I would ask that you bring flasks or drink of some kind ( whisky or brandy are not banned ) and because our new launching platform has not been done yet , it would be a good idea to wear wellies to help the visitor’s  launch their boats ,( cos the jetty only holds two at a time) , Myself and Jackie will be doing what we can and I know Ivan will help out on the cooking of the Bacon , If anybody wants to lend a hand in any way they will be most welcome , Wrap up warm and let’s have a great day .


Mick Admin

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