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Mongrols Trophy to be rearanged

Hi everybody , last Sunday saw a fabulous day with light winds and bright sunshine , seven of us turned up to do battle but unfortunately is was to be a battle of the weed . The constant South Westerlies that we have had for the last few weeks finally ran out and the weed that had been washed up on the north shore was just laid to wait untill the wind changed and then the northerly breeze that started on friday just blew it back all over the lake , and made sailing impossible , so we chatted and drank tea discussed the new jetty and so on a so forth , Day over , the MONGROLS TROPHY WILL BE RERUN ON THE 18TH OF NOVEMBER so please put it in your diary .

This Sunday the 14th will be RM’s with free sailing in the morning and the REG DOY Frostbite in the afternoon , I would be grateful if somebody could send me a report of the results as sadly I cannot be with you ,

Mick Admin

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