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Tri-Services Championship Results 2012


Final Day

Sunday morning saw the wind strength and direction the same as the previous day, racing started promptly and during the morning Mick Chamberlain, (Army) John Cleave (Royal Navy) and Vinnie Zammit (Army) were all trying to make their mark in this regatta. Coming to the lunch break Mick Chamberlain started to create a significant lead on the chasing pack, but when racing resumed in the afternoon the wind direction had swung 180 degrees and was slowly increasing in strength to a hard top suit breeze. By the last two rounds of racing in this regatta the wind had pickup so much that it was sometimes difficult to keep control of the boats with their top rigs on. John Taylor was the only skipper to change down and found some success with his second rig on his boat, but it was to little to late for him. Mick Chamberlain (Army) was the eventual winner of this Championship, a great achievement as this was his first time competing in this event.

The Team trophie was won by the Army, the team was made up of Mick Chamberlain, Lester Gilbert and Vinnie Zammitt. This is the first time in 9 years that the Navy team has not won the team event.

Placings: Full results to follow

1st Mick Chamberlain (Army)

2nd John Cleave (Royal Navy)

3rd Vinnie Zammitt (Army)

Royal Navy Champion – John Cleave

Army Champion – Mick Chamberlain

RAF Champion – Tony Banfield

Team Winners – Army

Day -1


The start of the Tri-Services Regatta saw variable light, flucky winds coming from the south west, but towards the end of the first day the wind became constant with a medium strength. A 20 boat entry the biggest turn out so far, made the (OOD) Mr Bill Green split the fleet into two. Racing was very competitive throughout the day and with 8 races completed and with one discard to count, the top ten places are as follows.

Scores – 1st Mick Chamberlain   12pts

2nd Chris Durant           13pts

3rd John Cleave             17pts

=4th Lester Gilbert          22pts

=4th Vinnie Zammit        22pts

6th Nigel Brown             24pts

7th John Taylor              28pts

8th Mike Nicholls           34pts

9th Tony Banfield          45pts

10th Robert Hobbs       50pts


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