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Last chance to tune up

Hi All, This Sunday is actually marked down as an I.O.M day , but I am sure you have noticed that the next Sunday the 22nd April is the first R M trophy race, Now Some of you may feel confident that there R M settings are ok, and are confident of pulling off the win, some of you may feel that this Sunday would be a good chance to finally tune up your R M and test out those sail settings,and make sure the boat is fast. and also while at home set the boat up in the garden  and  make sure that no strings are fraying and any weak points are attended to , You do not want any breakages on the day of the regatta, so check the winch and the servo , check the rudder linkage, check the patches are on tight , in fact anything that will affect the smooth running on the day of the regatta  should be checked ,. Sunday could be a good day to leave the I.O.M at home and give the R M a final test, so you are ready for the  John Waller R M Challenge trophy on the 22nd April ,.  The ball is in your court , you decide , Unfortunatley I will not be able to come to the lake this Sunday, but will be there to O D the event on 22nd and hopefully sail my I.O.M .

                                                  Have a great day on Sunday whatever you decide to sail , and I will get the John Waller Trophy polished up ready for the 22nd.

admin Mick

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