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Bit of Ice

Unfortunately a layer of ice prevented any sailing at Bournville but a few of us including myself and David were invited up to Manor Park where a we had two or three hours of enjoyable racing on a completely ice-free lake , perfect top suit breeze and beautiful sunshine , we believe the event at Bournville has been rescheduled for two weeks time , so more news later on that,.

Sunday 22nd January it will be I.O.M at the lake , the weather at the moment looks quite settled and from today Tuesday is is set to warm up a bit. Dont forget you can always check the weather forecast by clicking the link at the top of this page. we have also been added to Google with a map , so if people type in Lincoln model yacht club it comes up with a link to our site ( through wordpress) and also a map of our location , I will need to check out how I can transpose the mape to our website . Bob will be bringing some great magnetic car badges for you all to look at and I will show you some plans that the main club have for there front of club and waterfront area , Unfortunatley the plans don’t include anything for our area ,but hopefully in the future they may think a little more about our little bit

So see you all on Sunday

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