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DF 65 Summer series Round 1 30th April 2023

As Mick would say another great day at Lincoln , Seriously it was a lovely day The breeze was straight down the East bank enabling A plus rigs to be used . Only 7 skippers out to play but it was very good racing throughout the fleet, Colin Toll who was assistant OOD has not yet had a chance to put his 65 together and did all the scoring on the day, Myself and Colin arrived early to get all the OOD stuff out and ready, and when Mick C arrived he went out in the boat and moved a couple of buoys so we had a great course, thank you, I Jen H 69 was quick of the mark but struggle to keep up with Mick C 46 but on the last leg managed to get in front and take the first win, Gordon B 23 took the third spot . From then on it was Mick Mick Mick and more Mick C 46 as we just could not live with his speed and superb boat handling skills , and he went on to win the next 5 races. It was great racing up and down the fleet and at Coffee we insisted that we check out his settings, and so we again set of I ,, Jen H 69 won race 7 and was mighty pleased , Richard J 699 fresh from his experience at Eastbourne was doing very well and just managed to pip Gordon B 23 by one point, Ed had to pack up with Battery problems towards the end and the Two Alans were quite close at the end.

Many thanks to all who help put the kit away, very well done to Mick C 46 for his win. And we hope to see a few of you next week, just before the coronation .

Writeup Jen H , many thanks

I.O.M Summer series round two 23rd April 2023

Snow Ice gale force winds , thick mud on the bank !!!!!!! No none of that , just a bit of drizzle kept numbers down, still had 10 skippers , and we all had a lot of fun. Pete W 65 started strong as usual and sorted the first two bullets, with Rob W 97 sailing his Fraktal following up in second place, as the Brit Pop was not fit for duty, The sailing was on the East bank , with the breeze just to the East of North and for some reason the beats were very fluky probably 60 % of top suit sometimes less , but it made for some interesting races, 12 completed on the day and great thanks to Pete for sorting out the Buoys. Tim H 44 pulled one in race three but was not having an easy day of it, Mick C 46 swopped boats with Colin H 54 for race 3 and race 5 just so Colin could make a judgement on the Squiggle, The Venti is now up for sale and the first £ 25.00 will secure ,,, Just joking , After Coffee Pete W seemed to take his foot of the Gaz and only had one more win giving him three wins in total the same as the old boy Mick C 46 , Dave R 57 was saying he did not seemed to have the boat speed he used to have, so I guess its back to basics, Kevin E 20 was really struggling for some reason or other, Jen H 69 called it a day after the break, followed by Geoff Streeter 0 who had the family up from Gosport, Tim H 44 was next to leave it was definitely not his day, But I cant leave here without applauding Colin H 54 who recorded his first win in the IOM class in Race 10 , so the days congratulations go to him , very well done, It really was a tricky beat and the run was not much better , Mick C 39 had some good races but again not sailing as we now know he can.

Well done to the OOD , oh and by the way we used the waterproof score sheets and the result is first class , and well done to all who came early and helped get things sorted out , a good days racing and well done to Pete W 65 for the win .

Martin Lambert & Absent Friends Trophy 16th April 2023

Another good turnout for this trophy race, It remembers, the members who have passed away since the club moved to the very popular Scotland farm venue, not including the Clive Hand Memorial trophy that is held in October.

The forecast was for just about what we got, Light winds and sunshine making it a very pleasant day, the Club welcomed three visitors, and we had 14 skippers on the water, the event was run as a normal club event where all sail, and share responsibilities, including start line and finishing, it works very well. Colin H 301 and Mick C 46 did the computer work as required.

Peter Cogill, the OOD got racing underway promptly and with nice long beat and run courses there was a good bit of separation, Pete W 678 took the first bullit in fine style but then had a sleepy period which gave Rob W 97 the opportunity to take the next two wins, Tim H 67 sailing his mums boat was always going to be a threat despite never sailed a DF 95 before, I am sure we shall see more of him with this class of boat. Racing was close up and down the fleet, and it must have been exciting to watch as we had a few interesting visitors. Chris More was doing particularly well, especially towards the 2nd half when he had mastered the sometimes fluky winds at Lincoln, Alan N 438 was not having his best day, but having a close battle with Colin T 431.

Colin H 301 I am sure has got more speed in him, he is fairly new to radio sailing but shows a lot of promise. We ended up with 14 races in a relaxed atmosphere, finishing at three pm, Pete W 678 won 6 out the 14 and the remaining wins were shared by the top 4 places, |Mick Co 39 came close with a 3rd as did Colin H 301, consistency is a word we all talk about often, and as the saying goes “the more I practice the better I get” , well not in every case I am sure.

Very well done to the guys on the podium and especially the winner Pete W 678 Only been radio sailing 2/3 years , But he has youth on his side , Thanks to everybody who helped and a special thanks to Grainne Lambert who came to present the prizes.

Pete Walters receiving the winners trophy from Grainne Lambert
Dave Burke 2nd
Rob Wilson 3rd
Chris More 4th
Tim Hand 5th
Colin Helliwell our scorer, and computer wiz

I.O.M Summer series round one 9th April 2023

Easter Sunday massacre, always going to be short on numbers, as many Easter eggs lay uneaten, but hey 11 skippers turned out on a foggy morning to take part in the first in our Summer series, The fog quickly cleared, and Mick Coop and Sam P ably assisted by Pete W and Darin B sorted a course out on the South bank, wind was not the best direction but we got going, Before all that, we are looking at a new boat that one of our members had brought along , have to say at first glance it was in immaculate condition, and a credit to its owner, It was Pikanto , Ok we already had a Pikanto in the club ( hope the spelling is right) that was also very nice.

As you can see by the score sheet the club has some great designs, and with a decent top suit breeze,, not a lot of notice was taken in the first few races, but young Darin B was not just knocking on the door, Tim H won the first two races and Pete W got the third, The fourth was won by Darin B , with a few minor adjustment to rig and tune between races , we then had a coffee break, we also moved to the East bank, which was decided to be best of the two evils ( we were later to move back to the South and extend racing by half an hour due to the disruption.) all agreed !! Well after coffee, a lesson in racing, and tactics for those who had the time to look was surely on the table as Darin went on to win the following 4 races without reply, now it would be unfair not to mention the other 10 skippers up and down the fleet who all tried their very best to get the best from their boats, one skipper was trying a total new rig , and also the last few races were all sailed in bright sunshine and just about perfect conditions

Many thanks to all who got there early, ready to give help where it may be required and also get the course and bits and pieces ready for racing.

But hands up Darin B is arguably the clubs best radio skipper ,( he practices a lot,) and he is off to the Worlds in a couple of weeks in Italy with the RM class, I am sure we all from the club wish him our very best, and will be watching his progress .

So well done for the win, it was emphatic, can we learn something, ( only if we turn up maybe ) Oh just wanted to say the Pikanto was designed in 2008 , yes that’s right 15 years ago, and so just goes to prove in the right hands you can do very well , and of course club skippers do not have to spend a fortune to have some great racing, and know they have a great boat.

Apologies if I have rambled on, it is Easter Monday