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DF 95 Summer Series Round 4 30th June 2019

What can I say , yet another spanking good day at Lincoln , sunshine and a B suit breeze from the South West around 12/14 knots .

Scared to say it,, but no salad, Mick Chamberlain OOD opted for a South bank course with a bit of a hand dog dog leg giving two good beats , as the morning wore on the breeze moved more into the Sout and we should have moved to the east bank ( but Did Not)

The fleet all bar Mick Chamberlain started on A suit which in fairness was the right choice Mick one the first race but only just and so the fleet were not convinced ,,, race two the wind did get up a bit and Mick won that one by quite a large margin, so we had a ten minute break for anybody who wnted to change, most did but Sam Gill our visitor and new to DF racing only had an A rig so had to stick,  but I have to say he had some decent races and ended up 4th overall, Gordon and Jen pushed Mick hard and on occasions got in front , but they could not make it stick, Mick leg seemed a lot better he was agile on the bank and was going very well on the water. We also had a pair of Stan’s at the lake both prospective new members who have got themselves a DF 95 each and were keen to learn what they could minus their boats this week, Highlite of the day was Geoff Streeter getting a third in race 4 , Geoff has come a long way in the short time he has been sailing and unfortunatley had to rush off to pick up family from the airport, but what a way to finish his day. Even better was the “Scotto” was drawn ,,,,,,,,and Gordon Bennett took home the £ 25.00 well done mate as they say you have to be in to to win it. 2nd time Gordon has won it, apparently he is pretty good with the Gee Gee’s ,.

Many thanks to all who helped out and I do believe round five is on 28th July and there will be specific training for this class all are welcome it starts at 0930 for about an hour

result below

snipped 201906 30 DF95 SS 4


Mick Chamberlain in days gone by

DF 95 Summer Series Round 3 23rd June 2019

Hi everybody, I need some new words of praise for the sailing at Scotland farm, It just seems to get better and better, Today 10 skippers enjoyed some fantastic racing, The weather was perfect sunshine and a steady 7/10 knots from the North East, a back hand dogleg course was agian used to great effect giving two great beats and a long run and all the time keeping skippers boats close to the bank so no eye strain was needed, I can also say but ” Mumms” the word that here we are aproaching July and the usual annoying salad has yet to rear its ugly head, we will all have a view on it I am sure of that, See results below but have to say it was a great mornings racing, Thanks to all the helpers and Official OOD’s . Just to remind you that next week is round 4 of the DF 95 c;lass as it was changed by mutual consent.                  So DF 95 NEXT WEEK .


snipped 201906 23 DF95 SS 3

Pics below are various venues racing DF 95’s thanks for the piccy takers


Nice colour sheme

Perfect beating Trim

Remember those days , footings for the clubhouse

I.O.M Summer series round 6

46 just leads from 97

more piccys below all from Geoff Streeter .

Wow fabulous day at the lake steady breeze around 12 knots straight down the banks , course was laid with a bit of a hang back dog leg to  give two good beats, Top race team led by Rob Wilson 12 skippers came out to play Banter on the bank first class, but lets get back to the racing, Mick C got of to a great start with two bullitts helped in the first one by a back marker who took out Rob Wilson while he was close. Rob then won the 3rd race, Chris Graves “Mainly on Starboard”  was fighting hard with some good results, and won race 5 by a country mile ,  all down the field racing was nip and tuck, and some exciting races were unfolding, in the stready but very fluky breeze.

Hardly a sign of the green stuff we think the dye has done a good job so far this year in a slightly deeper lake, so long may it continue. Many thanks to all the helpers and OOD.s all in all a great mornings sailing results below an maybe some pictures will come in tomorow and if so I will add them Thanks to Geoff for doing the scoring and Roger for getting the dingy all ready.

great start 69

110 holds the cards

aproaching the weather mark

anybody got a view on this ?


What should Jen ( 69) do or be doing ?

DF 65Summer Series Round 3 9th June 2019

A great morning at Scotland farm for round three of the DF 65 series , Only 8 skippers for this one , but the weather was great and a light South Westerly around 7/8 knots gave a good beat and run course. Rig of the day was A + but the were a couple of C.B.A so they were on A rig and if the breeze had just been a few knots more they could have come into there own. Mick C fresh from the DF 65 Nationals was quick of the mark with a bullitt in the first race closely shadowed by Ivan, Adrian took the second race, with Mick C just gaining twpo places with yards to go to get 2nd.

Alan Newman was sailing well and got a couple of 2nd’s in race 3 & 4 much better for the yellow hull, Gordon chased him hard and finished up 3rd. Billy Mac was not sailing so well today and had one or two issues with rig which may now be sorted.

Adrian just pipped Ivan on countback, and you can see the results below. Many thanks to the OOD’S and ED for doing most of the scoring ,  and helpers for a great morning on the bank.

As we have just deduced,,,,,,,   this series will be the best 5 from 7.



DF 65 racing at a good venue , many thanks to the photographer Sue Brown Taken just after the start .