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I.O.M Summer series round Eight 17th July 2022

Hot as a chilli pepper, was how you may describe it today, But 10 skippers showed armed with different types of lotion and wide brimmed hats, It could have been 11 but Pete H 60 his winch packed up before racing started ,,, You will forgive me for saying it was fantastic racing but it was.

Roger B and Chris G set up a great course on the South bank, that was a lovely mixture of dried grass ( no rain for weeks ) and Canadian geese shit, which for the most part had dried out thank goodness, Still a few missing, from the regulars, 3 regulars went of to Manor Park to get some practice in for the upcoming DF 95 Nationals in two weeks time at Milton Keynes , Darin turned up with the family after having a pleasant day out round Newark. But on to the racing and 1st race bullet was Mick C 46 , At the top end of the beat it was quite fluky all morning and this was where you could go from hero to ( yes you guessed it ) in just a few seconds, Kevin E 02 was having a good time with his light airs flyer the Pikanto, and I am sure this boat in his hands will get better and better. It is certainly a bit of an art, sailing in light weather, and needs a fair bit of practice and sometimes quite a bit of luck, the racing was tight throughout the fleet and everybody had a battle on their hands, Mick C 46 seemed to just have the edge downwind with his top secret downwind setup, and Pete W 65 was very strong on upwind shifts, at the end of the morning it was a right royal battle with the two Venti’s with Pete W 65 just taking the top spot on countback. Rob W 97 took third spot and Dave R 57 got fourth spot.

A great mornings racing so thanks to everybody for making it all happen , and once again well done to Pete W 65 for the win

Racing at Lincoln
It takes all sorts !!!!

DF 95 Summer series Round four

Gonna be a sun cream morning , and so it was, 9 skippers showed up to be greeted with a light Breeze from the North West ,,, mainly , Ed quickly set a course up on the South bank and we were ready to go, For some reason Pete W was not ready to go for race one and got sorted from race two. Roger B 448 won the first race in convincing style with Graham K 79 taking second spot , and Alan N 438 taking third, it was a good start line but made tricky because at the last minute or few seconds the wind would shift 20 degrees, so the ideal place to loiter was around the middle of the start line, Pete W now sorted and took the next bullet, closely followed by Mick C 46, and Alan N 438 keeping up his consistency with another third place, The next three races were Mick C 46 taking the bullets and looking unstoppable, when you have light winds the twist and set up are critical, as well as spotting any dark shadows on the water and getting there as quick as possible Kevin, Mike and Colin were sailing well and so was mick C 53 who has been missing for a few weeks, who indecently had to leave early due to family commitments. at the end of the Morning Pete W 678finished off with two Bullets and sealed the win, from Mick C 46 Proving yet again he is the man to beat at the farm in recent weeks, Sailing was done in great spirit with 9 races completed in the morning , Many thanks to all the helpers especially Roger B 448 who was there at the crack of dawn to get things ready for the race team,

Congratulations to Pete for the great win.

Missing a few skippers and I am sure they will be around for round five .

I.O.M Summer series round Seven

Light on numbers but high on quality , and the racing was of the highest order.

Six skippers showed, and racing started on the East bank, or was prepared anyway, and then ten minuets before the start the expected vere came in and we quickly shifted Thanks to Pete W to the South bank.

Pete W 65 was off to a great start winning the first four races with no reply, A right old battle was going on behind him, and the course and racing was first class, In races five and six Pete let Mick C 46 in and he took full advantage, The Venti’s were on fire today that’s for sure, but with so many missing through Holidays , clashes , and other things, that cant be explained, we shall have to wait for another day, before bragging rights can be established.

Many thanks to everybody for helping get organised and putting stuff away, great effort, with racing being sailed exactly how it should be. Well Done Pete, and also well done to Pete H 60, for consistency that could be hard to match , Get those shrouds sorted Pete and we can get the boat up to speed , promise .

Previous racing at Lincoln

DF 65 Summer series round 3, 26th June 2022

The forecast was warm and sunny with 17kts gusting 22Kts from the south, it was all of that but from anywhere between ESE to WSW, it was constantly changing and very difficult to deal with.

We sailed off the east bank with a dog leg splitting the beat into two. Six skippers turned up but only four made it to the start of the first race. Alan B. 0 had rig problems whilst Mike W. 76 had to replace a failing rudder servo. Alan N and Jen got the rig problems sorted for Alan in time for the second race.

Dave R 180 set the pace from the off by taking the first two bullets and then five of the remaining six. A very strong performance, persevering with his A suit. Jen was never far away, also started with an A suit, changed down to her B and then back up to her A. She has become very adapt at rig changing…..

There was some close racing throughout the fleet for the whole morning with positions being swapped regularly mainly due to the severe wind shifts. Thanks to MaryAnn for the starts and scoring.

Congratulations to Dave R 180 1st, Jen H 69 2nd and Mike W 76 3rd. Although the racing was very competitive all was conducted in a polite and courteous manner, resulting in a very enjoyable morning

Write up by Mike W , many thanks for that .

Dave R leading Jen H in some close racing

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