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Jen Hand leading the pack at West Kirby .


VIDEO OF THE MONTH HAS NOW CEASED DUE TO UNPOPULAR DEMAND , But below are some great vids from the past two years .

DECEMBER 2014 Mick just prior to the fateful sinking of Simo   this is 1 of 18 blog casts .

and the video is at ,

I hope you enjoy the above , footage of the last 6 days have never been published .

NOVEMBER 2014   Pilot boat in quite big waves

OCTOBER 2014  The Aquavis glasses protector , Stops your glasses getting wet when its raining

SEPTEMBER 2014  Incredible footage of the incoming tsunami in Japan

AUGUST 2014 OUTSTANDING 45 MINUTE FILM Atlantic crossing on a very old boat all in HD so you can flick to full screen sorry its a bit late

JULY 2014  OUTSTANDING !!! Airbus A380 approach and landing in San Francisco a must see !!!!!

JUNE 2014 If you think you have seen rough weather before think again.

MAY 2014 , Something a bit different this month , if you like radio control model aircraft this could be for you , The Japs did it and it it almost unbelievable so watch it , It’s good

APRIL 2014 Where does the time go , this is a film of a beautiful old classic yacht being restored and sailed, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  If it were me I would have a tad more twist in the main

March  2014  Well if you like classic yachts as you may know I do this film shows one of the all time greats fully restored and doing the Newport Bermuda race a couple of years ago I found another fantastic film also of a classic but that will have to wait till next month, just to get your taste buds going it is the 42metre sailboat Lulworth , probably the best film I have seen ,, but hey enjoy this it is fantastic

February 2014 , this video , is awesome , it features a scale model air plane and has to be the ultimate in Radio control      an Airbus a 400

January, the video is a bit of the world famous Joshua Slocum I hope you enjoy it and also that you learn something , The voice over is American but it should not spoil your enjoyment

December video below ,in case you missed it Imagine it now with all these strong winds we are having

January’s choice



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