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Photo Gallery

Some pictures of our sport that could get the heart pumping, Give us a call and come and try for FREE!!!!!!

Norway 47

Our own Jenny powering through.

Das and Dave

Walshy cracking on .



Tears will fall in just a second

Alex creaming it on the face of a wave

46 in B suit upwind


A little help from your friends

Robbie on the march

Oldie but Goodie


Resize of lmyc_32

Resize of lmyc_26

Resize of lmyc_25

Resize of lmyc_24

Resize of lmyc_23

Resize of lmyc_21

Resize of lmyc_17

Resize of lmyc_16

Resize of lmyc_15

Resize of lmyc_14

Resize of lmyc_13

Resize of lmyc_12

Resize of lmyc_11

Resize of lmyc_10

Resize of lmyc_6



Resize of lmyc_5

Resize of lmyc_3

Resize of lmyc_2


Resize of lmyc_14




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