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10 R Ranking 3 and 4 at Lincoln 5th 6th November 2022

10R Ranking 3- Saturday Results

A smaller than usual fleet sailing in tricky conditions at Lincoln Radio Sailing Club, but as always those who sailed the best rose to the top.

Well Done Hugh McAdoo.

Hugh McAdoo- 20pts- Spectre P8

Duncan Ellis- 21pts- Trance

Darin Ballington- 24pts- Sonix

Colin Harper- 28pts- Trance

Roy Stevens- 34pts- Trance

Robert Wilson- 40pts- Defector

Graham Hetem- 58pts- Spectre P8

Above Hugh MacAdoo winner on Saturday

And Sundays races

Another tricky day with little breeze but thanks to the efforts of club and skippers 8 races were completed before the predicted downpour arrived.

10R Ranking 4 -Sunday Lincoln Radio Sailing Club


Darin Ballington 10pts-Prizm

Duncan Ellis 11pts-Trance

Hugh McAdoo 14pts- Spectre P8

Roy Stevens 15pts-Trance

Rob Wilson 24pts- Defector

Graham Hetem 34pts- Spectre P8

Thanks to all members of Lincoln Radio Sailing Club and the Race Team including Pete Walters as PRO.

Above Darin Ballington Winner on Sunday

DF 65 Winter series Round one 30th October 2022

Not a bad day at Lincoln , in fact it was a fantastic day and make no bones about it, 14 skippers showed up , some from quite long distances to have a crack at this great series, with great little boats the DF 65.

Keith and Jen sorted all the kit and racing started on the South bank with two reasonable length beats that got extended to three, the breeze !! it was one of those days , that picking the bank to sail on was always going to be difficult and so it was at times an eyesight game, the strength was perfect A +rigs all morning, Pete W 65bhad initial problems and missed the first two races which enabled Mick C 46 to take full advantage and take the bullet in the first race in second Jen H with a completely re done boat , third spot was Adrian C 63 who sailed consistently well all morning before he was called away and missed race 7 and 8 and if he had not the score could have been very different ( as long as he did not forget to round buoy 8 ) not the only one I may add . Race two saw Keith H 669 return to form after a short lay off . unfortunately Keith had a fall while resetting the course and decided to retire from racing , (we have checked on him early evening and he is fine) Race three saw a great result from Alan N 232 and he got a third , Mike W 76 was stringing together some great results as was Pete W 26 , the racing through the fleet was very competitive and some great battles ensued, we started with 14 skippers and for the first time in a while 4 fell by the wayside before racing finished, The ding dong battle at the sharp end went on and on between Pete W 65 and Mick C 46 with Jen and Mike looking for any scraps that were left , Mick C 46 with four wins took it on the day, It really was a great mornings racing with a few other skippers knocking on the door , Very well done to all and especially helping to put all the gear away,

Put this series in your diary folks , it is a great series , anybody reading this and wants to know a little about radio racing get in touch and come and have a go , there is much more to this than meets the eye, just pop down any Sunday morning and have a go .

I.O.M Winter series round 2 23rd October 2022

Hey what a day , eleven skippers showed up and were very well rewarded with some excellent racing along the South Bank, you could say the weather forecast would have been better for Duck racing, but we donned our skins and got started. Rob Mike and Mick got the groundwork done and we were ready for the off, it was definitely top suit all the way, and with the bushes trimmed we could see the start line with ease, Graham Keighley, was on form winning the first race with his brit pop , and the summer series winner Dave Boy Rigby, was not too far behind, Darin B who had travelled probably the furthest on the day , took third, and that was to be his worst result of the morning, going on to win the next three with Pete W 65 struggling to find the speed required, to overhaul this past master of One metre racing.

The fleet were having battles that was great to watch as the breeze increased gradually throughout the morning, race four saw Mick C 46 take a good win after some private tutoring in the clubhouse, but hten went to pot in the next two races, one or two calls for starboard from Mick Cooper 39 were way off the mark, Kevin E 20 had patch problems in race one but very quickly sorted it all out. We kinda forgot about the rain as the breeze increased to dive stations in race 6 but abated enough for one last race, before we all helped put the gear away in bright sunshine.

Very well done to Darin for his emphatic win, but more important was the way the racing was conducted, in a friendly and good natured manner that makes it a pleasure to race at Lincoln, Just one more interesting point 3rd place was won on countback as you can see, which confirms how tight the racing is.

If you think your good enough and nice enough to come race at Lincoln, come and give it a try, visitors are always welcome .

Darin stretching his legs
Give us a call and come and have a go

DF 95 Winter series Round one 16th October 2022

Unfortunately, no report from this round, but it looked a good fleet of boats for this the first round of the series. Winner Pete Walters and great to see Keith Holmes back and racing hard, Kevin Everson rounded of the podium. Should be a good series by the looks of it .