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Ten Rater Ranking 1 and 2

Result below for the 10R event at Scotland Farm

Saturdays 14th March  results

Sundays 15th March results

a few pictures from Sundays racing not edited please click the link below



Update 11 th March  2020  15 entries room for one or two more !!!!!!

The main event of the year without doubt so they say , is the Ten Rater and Marble-head Worlds being held at West Kirby from 9 to 19 June. BUT !!!!!

This event , a Ten Rater ranking race or two is a great chance to see how you are doing,  and meet up with all your fellow skippers to fine tune, and improve , I have heard ( grapevine stuff) that some more skippers have earmarked this event, so why dont you just get your entry in and come and have some fun at Scotland farm home of Lincoln Radio Sailing Club.

The 10R Ranking will be held at Lincoln on the 14th 15th March 2020 , more info including the NOR  can be found on the MYA site under events which includes online entry . and if you cant be asked  to do that send me an email with all your details , you will find my email on the MYA website .


Entry List  as 1st March  2020

Darin Ballington        92      Diamond

Austin Guerrier          8        Diamond

Hugh Mcadoo         118      Diamond

Roy Stevens               54      Trance

Nicky Ennion            161      Diamond

John Taylor                28       Sonix

Damian Acroyd          62       Sonix

Graham Bantock        95       Diamond

Lester Gilbert              99      Puzzle

Duncan Ellis                37      Trance

Graham Hetem          144    Graffito

Robert Wilson             97     Defector

Derek Moreland           80    Prizm

Phil Holliday                  66     Trance    Sat only

James Edwards              88    Trance


some 10 R in action many thanks Damian






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