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Membership Rates

The pictures on this site have been taken by a number of photographers and amateurs, two of the main contributers are Sue Brown , and Hanneke Gillisson Pont ,   We may also put other pictures up on the website and although we respect all photographers copy write we do not generally state who took the picture . Should a photographer not be happy with this and require us to remove their picture, please do not hesitate to inform Mick C  and the picture will be removed a soon as possible,  We are very grateful. for good quality pictures that we can display on this website, not for any financial gain, but to advertise our wonderful sport far and wide. Should you wish your picture to state your copy write , we would ask you to embed it in the picture before sending to us. Thank you for your consideration in this matter .

LINCOLN RADIO SAILING CLUB   2021   joining fees around £ 2.00 per week

Following the  2017  A.G.M, on 2nd December  the subscription for the year (2018)           shall be  £ 86.00 .

The fee’s are as follows

  • Lincoln Radio Sailing club    from 1st January till 31st December.  subs for 2022 will be decided at the AGM Novemer 20th 2021
  • M.Y.A subscription £14.00 ;          for 2018  Junior MYA subscription  £ 7.00
  • There is also a reduced Junior membership fee for people in full time eductaion up to the age of 22,  please enquire
  • Sailing most Sunday mornings,  Sat Pm from 1330 , There is a also workparty most Wednesday’s in the morning and a bit of sailing when the work is done.
  • M.Y.A insurance;
  • M.Y. Handbook;
  • A vote at the A.G.M; the 2021 A.G.M will be held on the at the Village hall  , Thorpe on the Hill ,  November 20th 2021
  • And some fantastic sailing at probably the best inland venue in the country ;

Should a new member join during the year  fees will be paid pro rata , but the M.Y.A fee shall be paid in full. The club treasurer Jenny Hand will advise as necessary .


If you are just starting out in our sport and want to give it a try , you are welcome to come down , and one of the members will lend you their pride and joy to have a go with, maybe even a race or two just to see how you like it , 2/3 visits later you may be hooked , and want to join us on a more regular basis , so just be careful Model Yacht racing could change your life, and you could be a Scotland Farm convert !!!!

Visitors from other Radio Yacht clubs clubs with M.Y.A status are welcome to come and race at Scotland farm. In the winter series for either class the fee is £ 5.00 racing starts at 0945 and no race will start after 1300hrs.        A Maximum of 4 visits is allowed in any one year . Jan to Dec

The I.O.M Class in the summer where racing starts at 0945, and no race will start after      1400 hrs. the fee shall be £ 5 .00    This is some of the best racing in the Midlands  . Again a maximum of 4 visits during one year, and then we would be pleased if you would join .

Always check the Calendar to see whats on.

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