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I.O.M Veterans 2020

Sorry everybody  Covid 19  has overtaken us and we are cancelled , Hope to see you all on May 15th and 16th 2021 when this event hopefully will take place.

Update  Thursday    12th March  22 entries to date  room for one or two more, !!!!!!! yes you get your entry in  ” PRONTO ”

I.O.M Veterans  2020 is to be held at Lincoln on the 28th and 29th March 2020 . more info and welcome letter early March

see our website for accomadation .

Entry list, hope you all re-enter in 2021

David Perkins        71   Sedici

Mark Dennis          19    Brit Pop

Peter Cropper        68   Asbo 2

Dave Burke            70   Brit Pop

Ken Binks               83   Brit Pop

Noel Donaldson    29    K2

David Woodford    94   Stealth

Bob Iles                  84  Kantun 2

John Bennett         80  Alternative

Jen Hand               69  Brit Pop

Austin Guerrier       8   V10

David Rigby           57  Vision

Graham Whalley    16  Brit Pop

Peter Cogill             110   V9

Brian Quinn            27    MX 16

Geoff Farrar            87   Brit Pop

Matherson Mosley  14  V9

Barry Mayer           15   Wedge

Ralph Weller          85   Viper

Dave Morris           37    Acqua

Derek Priestley      67    Dead Reckoning

Nicky Ennion         22     AKA

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