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I.O.M Summer Series 2019

Final Results I.O.M summer series 2019

Round Twelve ,another good win for Mick C in the last round ,but the spoils go to Chris Elliott , well done Chris , runner up was another Chris , Chris Graves great work. A total of 22 skippers contested it over the summer in some very good racing. Point is you need to be in it to win it, and committ, Presentation will take place at the AGM in November.

We now move onto the Winter series which starts on the 6th October it will be twelve races and unless anything changes at the AGM it will be your best 10 races. Lets start with a great turnout .


The knee brigade


Jen gets a great start

2 Sedici skippers

The Concentration is immense

The long beat to weather

A pair of sedici’s mixing it



Jen and Rob

Chaz 99 going well


Gordons Brit Pop on a close reach


Gordon relaxed but competetive

I am Winning this one !!!!!!!


Brit Pop leads TiTan

Geoff getting to grips with the AB4


The new TiTan

just a gentle luff , plenty of room but what about the oportunity !!

Oh No!!!! I thought I won that one !!!


Chris’s’ winning Brit Pop for the summer 2019



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