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DF 95 Winter series round 4

Good day at the lake a bit of everything sunshine shower’s strong gusts A suit B suit some tried the C suit ,  you name it we had it , but great racing once again , Racing was held on the East bank but through the morning the wind swung ( Veered ) into the west and some big changes were made to the course thanks to Keith. Ist race and Keith was out of the blocks fast and finished just ahead of Mick Cooper who had a fine race. 2nd race was won by Jen Hand  from Keith with Mick Cooper getting a third spot. Race three was won By Mick Chamberlain closely followed by Jen Hand and Pete Walters, the breeze for this race was very strong and a tea break followed to allow skippers to change down. After the break Keith was totaly on fire and won every race with Pete Walters getting a couple of good seconds. Funny but the wind did go a bit light for the last race, It was 10 past 12  we finish at half past,, there was a sudden rush by many skippers to get there A rig back on for the last race, to ensure they were as competetive as they could be, which was nice to see. Very well done to Keith for the win with some excellent sailing.

Thanks also to Roger Bowtle for his great help to the race team Keith and Cooperman who sold a few Scotto tickets , and for all the skippers for an enjoyable mornings racing. The Wednesday gang will have their work cut out re the jettys so if you can help they meet evry Wednesday morning around 9.15 am  at the lake. Bring your own flask.

Results below


Luvly picture of the lake at 10 am ish this morning and what turned out to be a full rainbow ,

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