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Hi everybody, what a week we have had with gales and rain and those of you who braved last Sunday ought to get a commendation, But wait a minute I have good news for you all, Today we shall be installing the Portaloo ready for the big open event next week , and after last Sunday I called the Met office and explained that most of us are not to keen on winds of that strength. he called me back in an hour and promised that he would make this Sunday a nice day turn off the rain and de-power the wind from about 9am till 3pm, I thanked him and hung up

16th feb 2014Now you may all think I am fibbing , But trust me a little positive thinking goes a long way. We could have a record turnout on Sunday and if you’re not convinced about the weather, then you need to think about birthday cake, it is two members birthdays this weekend, and to help your tea and coffee go down there will be cake on offer so don’t miss it. The format for Sunday is 6 X I.O.M races. for the winter series which hangs in the balance followed by 3 DRAGON FORCE races. Now we need to get started at 10 am on the dot so please try to get to the lake as early as you can to get set up, when we finish the I.O.M races we will have a ten minute break and get straight on with the Dragons, I am looking also to have a record number of Dragons on the water, we have added another Dragon this week with Chaz getting one, and making 12 Dragons in total, most of you have had plenty of time to get your boats sorted. It looks like top suit weather , I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday .




The weather was pretty much as forecast, wind from the SW about 20 gusting 30 knots but fortunately no rain. 2 RM 3 IOM and 5 Dragons braved the elements. Big boats were fine on smallest rigs and Dragons were also OK on C rigs. 2 boats only had the basic rig and found it impossible to get downwind. Never mind it’s all a learning curve.
RM event 6 races
1st……..Ivan RM 64………7 Points
2nd……..Martin RM 118……15
3rd……..Gordon IOM 23……18
4th……..Mick H IOM 14……22
5th……..Seymour IOM 30…..42
Dragon event 3 races
1st……..Martin 31……….3 Points
2nd……..Gordon 23……….7
3rd……..Norman 79……….8
4th……..Mick H …………20
5th……..Ivan 47…………20


OK Sunday is Radio Marblehead day, and in the winter series so far Bob Geary is running away with it with his old Berlio design, Come on guys dust of your boats and get down to the lake and contest it, I can think of seven R.M’s in the club who could be contesting this Winter series. Sunday will be perfect, I checked the weather forecast and it brings sunshine yet again, and as for wind you may need some smaller sails but the boats will be at maximum speed .

9th feb


The Fleet gets away from the start


Also just a reminder after racing the R.M’s we will be doing three Dragon Force races on a shorter course for the winter series in that class , we had seven out last week lets see who has been working hard this week and will have their boat on the water , remember we have twelve in the club and looking at the weather the wind is set to decrease as the morning goes on .


have fun on Sunday



perfect conditions and very competitive

Another great days sailing with a SW wind testing the top end of the IOM A rig. A fine turnout of 12 IOM.s and 8 Dragons which must be a record for club sailing. 9 races were sailed, 6 for IOM and 3 for Dragons. The suggestion is to combine the 3 Dragon races today with ( hopefully ) 3 more next weekend, to substitute for the Dragon race abandoned on 26th January.

1st Mick C 10 Points
2nd Martin 14
3rd David 19
4th Alan 25
5th Gordon 39
6th Ivan 40 More 5th places
7th Colin 40
8th Bob 46
9th Mick H 51
10th Graham 52
11th Norman 60
12th Seymour 69

Dragon Force
1st Martin 7 Points
2nd Ivan 11 More 1st places
3rd Mick C 11
4th Gordon 12
5th Mick H 14
6th Norman 18
7th Graham 22
The 8th boat was the club boat, kindly constructed by Martin, which was sailed, I think, by 3 different people.

Once again I hope everyone enjoyed the sailing as much as I did.more picture below all kindly taken by Mick Hunt


Mick ,Allen, Gordon, Ivan, and Martin


Colin to weather of Gordon


Colin and Mick


Ivan , Bob and Mick


Graham and Gordon power away on Port tack , Colin opts for Starboard


The Brit Pop and the Moster



great fun


fantastic little boats

A great day with great weather and many smiling faces

series results will be posted in the next 24 hours