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Well that’s just about the end of 2013 and some may say ” thank goodness for that” I know I am looking forward to 2014, and with the first meeting looming on the 5th January I thought I may impart this little piece from the M.Y.A Racing secretary Graham Allen, there will also be a video change on ” VIDEO OF THE MONTH ” so check this out as well, If you have any news you want to put into the website just let me know ( non Marital please), so


The Power to Win

by Graham Allen

Even if you are the greatest skipper since Captain Cooke you are unlikely to win a race if your wind assisted boat has no power to control the interface between you and the wind. One of the main problems to spoil your day is a boat that fails to respond to your instructions from the bank. To try to minimize this event you should have a basic knowledge of control system and the battery that makes it work.

We have all had a boat go out of control only to find the battery has gone flat. “I charged that battery all night”. But do you know how to make sure your battery has been charged correctly?

Most people will say “yes”. Well here is a reminder for those that may not be so sure.

How long should it take to charge my battery?

Well what is the battery rating (Capacity) in Mha? Batteries can be rated up to 2700Mha as found in many new NiMH battery packs. The rating tells you how many milliamps the battery will supply for 1 hour. This follows that a 900Mha battery will supply 900milliamps for 1 hour. The higher the number the longer it will last. The next thing you need to know is at what rate does your charger charge at. Different charges can charge at different rates. Have a look at the label on yours and find out. Furnished with this info you can work out how long it will take to charge your batteries with your charger.


2400Mha batteries charged using a fixed rate charger of 60Mha
The Formula is battery rating(capacity)/charge current x 1.4
2400/60 x 1.4 = 56 hours

Batteries can be charged at higher currents to reduce the charge time but this can
heat up the cells to much shortening their life and the amount of charge they hold.

At the end of each race day should you recharge your batteries ready for next week?
The general thought is if you use NiMH leave them until the time it takes to recharge
them before they are needed again. Remember a trickle charger at 60Mha can take
2 to 3 DAYS to charge. It is not necessary to fully discharge NiMH batteries before
recharging them as they do not build up a memory thus reducing their charge. This
is not true for NiCad’s as you are advised to fully discharge them prior to recharging.
Always let them cool down before re charging.

I hope this helps you reduce the problems associated with battery failure. Further
info can be found on the internet along with information of what battery chargers
are available.


A Message from Jenny to all our members and families

December 2013

Dear Friends

I would like to thank everyone for their kind wishes, cards and calls after the sad loss of Clive on 11th November.  I also would like to thank you for the donations made in lieu of flowers for the R.N.L.I.  Clive would have been really pleased as we have been able to send them £1274.00.  Thank you all.

I retired at the end of October to look after Clive, so now, with time on my hands, I have joined Rotherham Sailing Club and I am hoping to sail the One Metre.  I am not sure that I will be able to get it round a course, but I will have a go.  I have written to Santa for the RYA Racing Rules, so if he gets my letter, I will have some swatting to do.


I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.


Kind regards


Jen Hand


scanned phots 170


Clive John Hand

9th October 1947  –  11th November 2013



10 Skippers turned up with a total of 12 boats, 8 IOM, 3 Dragons and 1 RM.

The wind was in a generally S to SW, which is the one we have to get used to, but made the course setting difficult.

Results for the IOM’s are below, again without discards.

1st     Mick C         46            8 points

2nd     Martin        31           13

3rd     David           31           18

4th     Colin            35           24

5th      Bob              90           34

6th      Gordon       93           41           5 Races

7th      Mick            14            47           5 Races

8th     Seymour      30           50          3 Races

Results from 8 December 2013

I hope everyone enjoyed the sailing this morning as much as I did ! I had a splendid day. The wind was good, the company was good and nothing broke. What more could we wish for.

Results follow.

1st         Dave          Jib No 30            10 Points

2nd       Mick                        46            15

3rd        Martin                    31             19

4th        David                      31             30

5th         Gordon                  93             34

6th          Alan                      09             35

7th          Ivan                      79              43

8th         Colin                     35               44

9th         Mick                      14               46

All boats were IOM and no discards were applied.

2 little Dragons also appeared during the morning but they were fairly well behaved.