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In 2014 one of our club members decided to build his own I.O.M this is his story and pictures from top to bottom , He did finish the boat in early 2015 and it can be seen racing at Scotland Farm .


click the link below to open a pdf

V3 Frank Russell Goth XP build

Phil sent this blog to Frank Russell, Frank replied and this is his response 
 Thanks for this you made my day!!
 Seeing the results of my designs in finished boats has always been the 
best part of being involved in this greats sport.
 In the old days it was all hand written letters and photos but things 
are so much better now with pdf and digital photos.
 You have done an excellent job of the boat. Something I wish I had time 
and motivation to do.
 I would like to post your letter and the last photo of you holding the 
boat on my website and facebook page and also make you log downloadable 
on my website, if that is okay.
 I have finished the basic lines of a new Goth IOM which will be released 
as a plan late this year. I intend building a male hull and deck plug 
and similar to what you have done and testing before release. This is a 
boat I intend building in limited numbers for sale as well.
 I hope I can come up to your standards.

Well all I can say is well done to Phil. We will all look forward to his next project, whatever that may be . 

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