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DF 65 Winter series round two. 28th November 2021

Cold , yes it was a bit cold, windy, no not really, sunny yes it was, In fact it was perfect conditions and with A+ rigs set all round , the 9 skippers had some great racing, unfortunately nobody could give Pete W 65 the competition on the day and he ended up with 7 bullets from 9 races Jen H 69 and Adrian C 63 were the only other winners in races 5 and 7. Mick C 46 had a breakage in race 2 that was quickly fixed, but on the day he was no match for Pete. Mike W 76 was also headed home early with a rudder servo failure as was Alan Edgar. The temperature never got above 1 degree but in the sun and with the walking it did not seem to bad.

Congratulations to Pete on his win , and many thanks to all who helped out especially to Peter Helen who did our scoring for us. I for one was pleased to get home and sit in front of a roaring fire.

A DF fleet at Eastbourne pic courtesy of Sue Brown

IOM WINTER SERIES Round 4 21st November 2021

Wow another blast at Lincoln, with a nor nor West blowing around 13 to 16 knots, sailing was on the South bank, It was forecast a bit nippy and the 17 skippers who sailed ( 18 turned up) I could see the thermals bulging thru, we had two ladies racing but both looked as warm as toast, On to the main stuff and it was Pete W 65, who was out of the tricky start line first and took the first three bullet’s in his Venti, he was in A suit as were some other’s but similar to round three, it was right in between A suit and B, Darin B 98 our visitor was 2nd in the first race and Jen H 69 2nd in race 2 Our very own Cooperman 39 was 2nd in race three, again with A suit in his bright yellow Venti.

By race 4 Darin was getting into his stride with his white Brit Pop , and eager to do well and had a string of good results including three bullet’s. Rob W 97 was staying in touch as was Dave R 57 , Keith H 88 was also having a good morning with some steady results, Tracy B 49 was having a great morning especially from race 5 had some great results and was really sailing well.

This is quite a hot fleet and you needed to be decisive with your tacks ,gybes and mark rounding which at time may have been a bit of an eye site test with one or two tangles at the spreader.

10 different designs on show here and as you can see, 4 skippers called it a day after the 4th race leaving 13 battling it out to the bitter end,. Very much improved was Mick C 39 or cooperman for short his level of concentration much improved, Just need to try and get a bit of consistency now and looking at the results only 6 points adrift of your mentor Chris E 74, you are getting there.

Very well done to race team and helpers , thanks guys for the photos and a very well done to Darin B for the win which could have been a lot closer if Pete W had not caught the buoy with his rigging , but hey ho that’s how it is sometimes, 10 races completed a great morning, so thanks to all for the manner in which you all sailed / raced

Tracy B and her Brit Pop
Mike W passing one of the new style buoys
98 blasting downwind
ooops !!!
Stuarts Lintel , now who is that windward boat ????
Leeward gate
77 full on , on the run
Time to Change down !!!!
10 seconds to go
Another fine Brit Pop

DF 95 Winter series round two , 14th November 2021

Looks like light winds at Lincoln for round two , bit fluky unfortunately no real write up for the mornings racing .

Results as you can see Dave Geldard won on countback from Keith Holmes, Mike Williams just pipped Mick Cooper who in turn pipped Peter Cogill, Looks like Greg had some issues.

Well done to all and especially Dave G 50 for a fine win, and all the helpers .

IOM Winter series round three 7th November 2021

Wow what a day, good strong breeze from just North of West made for fantastic racing along the South Bank at Scotland farm.

19 competitors showed up but only 18 raced , we had a couple of welcome visitors racing and a few more on the banks watching the excitement , It was mixed feelings for skippers on which rig to use , A or B, Chris E 74 very quickly changed to the B rig as racing started and so missed the first race which was won by Darin 98 using his A rig , Peter C 110 got 2nd spot with a B rig and Pete with his new Venti on A rig got third .

Race two and it was quite clear the Chris E 74 had made the right decision to go with B as he won with ease the next three races, I say with ease, probably an overstatement but he was in clear control, out of eight races, Chris 74 and Darin 98 cleaned up on all the first positions, Leaving Tim 44 and Pete 95 to pick up the crumbs. Dave R 57 had his moments but it was not enough on the day. Breakages,,, yes there were a few ( but too few to mention) and by race four everybody had swopped to B rig, there were some coming’s together on the runs that I saw out of the corner of my eye, and I was sadly involved in one of them Mick 195 and that sadly told me it was time to call it a day, the culprit was Graveyard Gravesy and he blamed me, ( can you believe it ) ah well all’s fair in love and war. ( was my fault really I was blinded by how bright his boat looked !!!)

It was a fantastic mornings racing at the farm and thanks must go to Rob W 97 our OOD on the day and everybody who helped including Greg who did the scoring, Congratulations to Chris for his 1 point win over Darin, their by keeping the visitors at bay, but we do hope he comes again, A very well done to all competitors, for the spirit in which we raced, most of us can now go home and lick our wounds and get the boat sorted for the next round in two weeks time 21st November , the day after our AGM See you there .


Jen flying downwind

More pics to follow middle of the week when we find out how to reduce them

The Finish
Great start for Darin 98
Geoff going well