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DF 65 SUMMER SERIES ROUND 6, 26th Oct 2021

Nine boats registered for the last in this series for the Summer Season.

An unpromising start to the day of very light winds and overcast skies, slowly improved and by the start of Race 1 the breeze was starting to fill in from the South, so the East Bank was set up for the race course. The breeze continued to build so that by the last race it had reached the top end of A+ rigs! A sensible course set by PRO Gordon Bennett meant that racing was fairly close and consistent through the 10 races, although the filling breeze and flucky gusts caught everyone out at one time or another.

A comment of “no weed today” for the first few races, meant that from then on someone was the unlucky one to pick up an unwelcome passenger.

Dave Rigby , 180 dominated the day with only Mike Williams, 76 and visitor Simon Fairman, 666 getting the better of him in a couple of races. Peter Hellen, 79 had one of his best races of the series in Race 8 and decided to then call it a day, leaving on a high! Everyone fell victim to the gusts that on occasions stopped the boat in its tracks, though Ed Whittaker, 31 seemed unluckier than most.

A good mornings sail was had by all, there was a nice friendly atmosphere throughout on what turned out to be a warm sunny day.

I.O.M Summer Series round 12

19th September 2021

A quiet morning weather wise greeted the 11 skippers for round 12 and the last round in the summer series, rain was forecast, but not too many are believing the technolagy these days,, in fact flooding was forecast !!!! Racing was done on the south bank, and was probably around 2/4 knots if you were lucky from the North West, if you were unlucky you may well get a little bit of the green stuff, but that was very rare.

Rob W 97 once again showed real class taking the first three bullets with Tim H 44 and Pete W 65 doing their best to minimize damage, Chris G 11 with a nice polished B/P sailed a very conservative and consistant set of races finishing off with a fine win. Pete W 65 was sailing for the first time his new Venti and we will see much more of this design in the coming weeks at Lincoln, Brit Pops however still have the upper hand and have been around for quite a while now.

We had a small shower around 1130 but it bothered us not and soon cleared up , one or two skippers needed to leave early and racing was curtailed at 1pm and because of the long courses we only managed 7 races, we could have done with a few more knots of breeze but it is what it is, Many thanks to the OOD’s Mick and Graham and many thanks to all the helpers. Well done to Rob W for another fine win .

The Winter series Starts in October , Diary is up on the website for the first three months , Check it out

DF 95 Summer Series round seven

As I arrived around 0915 only three skippers were in attendance and there was very little wind, I thought maybe the skippers had seen the forecast and stayed home, but gradually cars started coming up the drive and the chat seemed to centre around Emma Raducano ( sorry if spelled wrong ) and most had stayed up late to see the wonder kid win the tennis, she is only 18, so very well done.

Not a lot of breeze and Pete Walters took control of the OOD’s duties and set a good course on the East bank after Roger Bowtle had got all the gear out , boat launched and board at the end of the lane, well done to both of you. As expected it was a tad ziggy zaggy due to the wind condition and direction, but we coped with it very well, what did not help was a little bit of floaty green stuff , probably the wort we have had all year and with the absence of wind &^%$£”$$)9.

We also saw a brand new IOM and a wafer thin RG 65 at the lake, so onto the racing, Roger B 448 got of to a great start and won the first race with usual suspects Jen H 69and Peter W 678 taking second and third, race two had Mick C 46 taking the bullitt and the following through with a win in race three, race 4 had Pete C 110 pinch it from Pete with Mick C taking 3rd spot. with the green stuff , you were either lucky or you were not but I have to say I dont think it affected the results to much, as they say the cream always rises to the top. While the fleet is allways improving we must always try and find some consistancy in our race’s and while the elements may play a part it is consistancy that will get you to the top.

Getting the boat trim set up right in the first place will help you enormously, but finding your qickest way around the course is key, I would like to commend Geoff S 580 for two great results , a first and a third and I hope Geoff you can learn from those results and gradually move up the fleet, if just one of those 12th places could be converted to a 5th you would have finished above half way so well done mate. “The more I practice the better I get ” is a motto I have heard before .

Congratulation to Pete Cogill for the win , and many thank to all who helped make it a very pleasant morning

I.O.M Summer series round 11, 5th Sept 2021

A warm sunny day with a light breeze greeted 8 skippers. Initially the wind was for a course on the east bank but it shifted before the start of racing to be across the corner of the lake, with a large wind shadow from the three trees.

The course was set for the south shore with 2 start lines needed as the wind continued to shift more easterly

Mike Williams retired before the first race with intermittent radio problems.

Chris Graves was sporting a new suit of moulded sails; he was leading the first race but went for the wrong finish line only finished third; a result which, in retrospect, cost him the series.

It was generally s tale of 2 fleets, Rob Wilson, Chris Graves and Dave Rigby in the vanguard, and Peter Cogill, Geoff Keighley and Greg Codling in the rear, with newcomer Peter Mellen.

Rob won from Chris and Dave, had Chris won the first race he would have won overall.

By general agreement, racing Finished for 1pm.

We were delighted to welcome back Mick Cooper on his crutches after his op

Report Peter Cogill (OOD)