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Write up from Alan Newman , many thanks Alan

Nine Skippers turned out for this ‘social racing’ event on a pleasant, if crisp sunny morning but what a ‘blow’ (windwise that is !) coming almost straight down the lake from the NNE road-end of the lake. Most skippers starting the event with C Rig and the Dragons performed brilliantly, Skips permitting !!

Volunteer OOD Jenny set a ziz-zag course from the club-house end of the lake, which gave good scope, separation for different approaches to the weather mark and a VERY lively run back towards the club-house end finish !

Although winds stayed strong throughout the morning they eased sufficiently midway allowing a change to B rigs and these great little boats continued to provide highly competitive racing for the remainder of the morning. Keith Holmes won, his domination of the event amply demonstrated by his 2 discards being a 3rd and 4th !!!. Oh to dream of having such racing skills as him or Pete W and OOD Jen H who both sailed consistently for well deserved 2nd and 3rd spots respectively. Further down the tables, racing was close but fun with the lake ‘behaving well’ and few skippers experiencing ‘dreaded weed’ although deploying the safety boat to retrieve a casualty from a distant buoy stirred things up slightly for a short time. Had you been close enough you would have heard the ‘editor’ of these notes cursing quietly when, approaching a tight close finish, his boat hit weed refusing to turn before travelling the wrong side of the line and thus losing a place!

Anyway, all in all a pleasant morning, thanks to Jenny as OOD, for the good sailing spirit and here’s to the next one !

(N.B The only minor issue of the day,( for which please excuse this gentle reminder) is the current need to maintain ‘covid social distancing’ during racing for which bank-side poles are placed. Please observe a 2-way traffic system round them staying waterside on first beat, and return on outside of bank poles. Thanks to all for the good humour when occasional reminders were needed. See you for the next Dragon event !!!

All Pictures many thanks Sue Brown , Currently in Loch Ness ,, beware the Monster


Just to advise you that the Clive Hand Memorial Trophy planned for October 4th has been Postponed, possibly until the spring of 2021 .

We shall of course keep you posted.

I.O.M Social Racing 20th September 2020

A good day at the lake, warm a north Easterly breeze around 8/10 knots, slightly chilly to stat but when the sun came out it was nice and warm and jackets came off. A new rule for the club was that face masks must be worn when racing and in the control area, this to try and protect all at the club and i am pleased to say it was backed 100 % well done everybody.

We were missing some skippers, but 9 turned up and were not dissapointed in the quality of racing, tip for the day was to have a check list when you put your gear in the car , a fin and bulb tend to work well in most conditions, say no more, It was a good two beats, a run, and a short beat to the finish, it was almost straight up and down the east bank, Jen Hand got things started prompt at 0950 hrs with the briefing, and the first race started bang on time Mick Chamberlain was so keen he forgot to turn on the electrics so was out of contention in the first race that was won by Dave Rigby with the Vision, Jen second and the returning Chris E third. Race two and Mick C took the win, te wind being very shifty both on the beat and the run caught a few out Dave R got second and Pete W third, Mick won the third race, with Jen taking second and Dave R third, racing was very nip and tuck between most of the fleet and must have been quite exciting to watch, Mike W did our scoring for us and we are very grateful for that.

Race four had Peter C taking top spot and Chris E after a couple brushes with salad in the previous two races took second, Mick C took third and was dissapointed not to win it after leading for 90 % of the race, As you can see from the results below it was good racing, and everyone enjoyed the morning, After a bad start Mick C to the honours on the day,

Many thanks to all the skippers who helped get stuff ready and also put it away, Behavior at the lake was impeccable, just one little incident at the weather mark !!!!! that raised a few eyebrows, just joking . well done all.

Nice to see 8 different designs on show.

Racing at Scotland farn
racing at Wst Kirby
Great I.O.M racing

DF 65 Social Racing

Eight competitors were greeted with sunshine and a reasonable breeze ranging between 8 and 12 knots with gust somewhat stronger. The immediate issue was which rig to use and the wind strength was right on the cut off point. The slip was around 50:50 between A and A plus. Jen set a windward leeward course and did the required covid 19 briefing before racing got underway.

Race one saw Jen fastest out of the blocks winning easily from Keith Holmes and Dave Rigby.

The same three got away from the fleet in race two with Keith taking the win from Dave and Jen taking third. Race three saw and increase in wind strength and those on A plus had fun getting downwind. Mick Cooper sailed well to take the win from Keith and Dave in second and third.

The wind was now making life very interesting for those on A Plus but we had a repeat of race one with Jen taking the win Keith second following a senior moment from Dave getting the finish line wrong but he recovered to take third.

Coffee break saw Keith and Dave change down to A rigs but a broken kicker for Keith forced him back onto A plus.

The wind had now increased and was doing some very strange things as you approached the windward mark making life very interesting. Dave took advantage of the wind increase taking the win from Keith and Jen.

Following a very interesting time on the run Jen joined the rest of the fleet on an A rig.

Race six saw Bill McPhee find his form and he took the win from Dave and Alan Newman took a good third. Bill repeated this in race seven with Alan second and Dave third.

Race eight saw Keith and Dave get away from the fleet, Keith opened the gap when the wind eased and Dave closed the gap when it increased. The final beat saw the wind ease just enough for Keith to press home his advantage taking the win with Dave second and Bill third.

The final race of the day took a similar pattern only this time fortunes were reversed with the wind increasing enough to make the A plus hard to handle and Dave took advantage and took the win from Keith and Mick taking third.

Overall it was great morning racing sailed in a great spirit with good close competition throughout the fleet. Congratulations to Keith on the win.

Report from David Rigby, many thanks

Make sure you have everything in the boot
Check the batteries are they round or Flat !!!!!! agh maybe ill have a little nap .
Make sure boat is well balanced before racing starts
Get a good trim on and make sure nothing will slip !!!!! Bowsie’s
Try and get a good start
In the optimum position on the line , good move yellow boat
Try to concentrate for the duration of the race
Get to the weather mark first,,, and consolidate your lead on the run
make sure you call your number out as you cross the line ,, many thanks Greg
Once its going keep it moving