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DF 95 social racing

11 Skippers showed up on a fabulous Bank holiday Sunday morning, The sun was out and a good strong breeze was evident from the North. Mick Chamberlain set out in the dingy to check the bouys and move a few around, other members were busy doing bits and pieces with rakes , to enable Jen Hand the OOD to set a dog leg course up the East bank. Roger B had a breakage and missed the first two races, The breeze was about 90 % of A suit to start with and it gradually through the morning went went down to about 70%, which gave us all some fantastic racing.

Jen 69 got off to a great start and won the first race with Mick C 46and Keith Holmes 39 in close attendance, Mike W 839 getting to grips with the radio came home a creditable 4th. The next two races were won by Mick C 46 with the other Mick, 53 ( he thinks that is his age ) with the beeping tranny came home 2nd proving that the boat is certainly quick in the right direction. Many shifts up and down the course caught skippers out many times and made for some interesting racing, 11 races were completed by the 1pm deadline and we can only commend the OOD Jen , who kept things fluid and moving at a good pace. At this point I would like to point out that both Mick 53 and Mike 839 sailed probably as well as I have ever seen, Roger 448 had a couple of great 3rd’s in races 8 and 9 , and Jen 69 must have been well pleased with her performance. All in all a great mornings racing, and the only salad in attendance was in our sandwiches at coffee break, which we can only thank the Wednesday gang for all the hard work that has been put in over the last few weeks, Also many thanks to all the helpers before and after racing to get stuff organized and the skippers for making it such an enjoyable morning, Racing as you can see was close with Mick 46 just edging it.

Micks DF 95 , many thanks Sue brown for the piccys
Jens DF 95 69 going well
Great DF 95 racing

DF 65 Club Racing.

A grey overcast but warm morning greeted 9 skippers for the DF 65 racing, a decent breeze from the South west which gradually veered to the west. The first 4 races were straight up and down the East bank with anti clockwise control area working quite well, Great to see Keith back at it, and getting the win in race two and race five, Dave Rigby was in fine form with two seconds and a win in the first three races. All boats apart from Pate Webster were on A + rigs but Pete was going very well inspite of the lack of canvas. After coffee the wind had veered and the course was changed to give two seperate beats out into the lake before the weather mark and the long run downwind, this change either by coincidence or some other factor seemed to send a bit of floaty weed probably from the West bank ( which has never been cleared) onto our course and we saw quite a few pit stops and it did seem to effect everyone at some stage during the second 4 races, which was unfortunate. Mick C came out on top from Dave R and Keith H ,it was good to see Pete W sailing very well, The wind as usual was quite shifty but steady around 10/12 knots.

Many thanks to Roger B for getting everything ready, and all the boys and girls who helped, and also to Greg C who came down and did the scoring and took a few nice pictures , A good mornings racing.

176 on the button at the start
15 seconds to go .
669 with a good weather position .


Another fantastic day of racing at Lincoln, wind around 40% of top rig North East breeze, a bit overcast but warm , had a great beat and run along the East bank. Eleven skippers turned out, just perfect for one fleet racing, and the first race was always going to be hard fought, and so it was with Rob W taking the first of 4 wins and gaining an unbeatable lead, Mick C and Tim H, chased and chased, others too were having great races, Roger B with his B/P got a second in race three, Jen Hand a second and two thirds in race’s 4/5/and 6 and a win in the last race of the day. Pete W was not at the races today and was unlucky some of the time, We all need to try and analize ( if we can remember ) where we went wrong, for me “Greed ” messed up two of my races when patience would have paid a dividend or two. A great mornings racing with a great bunch of lads , Many congrats to Rob W for the win and also to Tim who has not yet fully mastered the V10, but beware guys cos when he does he will be awesome. Many thanks to Roger B and everybody who helped out, and for those of you who missed it, I just hope ypu enjoyed the full English !!!!!!!

Couple years ago
97 Robs B/P


DF 95 Racing 9th August 2020

Wow, fantastic mornings racing for the DF 95 fleet, 11 skippers turned up in warm overcast conditions, A steady North Easterly had racing on the East bank with the now usual but VERY important safety talk re Covid 19 Sanitize and keep your distance,,, 2 metres always be aware !!!! The clockwise control area has been arranged for your Safety, so ensuring you adhere to the rules will keep eveybody happy and healthy. And so it was on the day. Well done everybody.

Racing started bang on time, and the long beat got very tricky in the last third with some big and little shifts that caught a few out, Gordon B was out of the blocks fast and his 86 year old legs had a job to keep up, but they did and he held on after two long beats and runs to get the bullitt, Pete W in second and MickCh in third, It was great to see Keith H back after quite a while away, we have not seen his new boat yet ( maybe next week ). This fleet is very competetive now and the racing was very close, it was a perfect breeze, and I am not scared to say Weed free, after much hard work instigated by Roger Bowtle and a couple of others in midweek after clearing the North Bank and the East Bank of all floaty stuff ,, and then the 5 ton heaped up in the corner,, it made a massive difference as the wind changed to a Northerly on Friday.

Race 2 Mick Ch took the win from Jen H, with Mick Co taking a well deserved third spot, Gordon B was sailing extremley well and as you can see he had a great day ,spoiled only by getting stuck on the mark and being out of contetion for the last two races , decent results in those two could well have given him 2nd spot overall. Mike Williams showed some pleasing signs as did others, but have to say the shifts caught a few out both upwind and down. Just want to mention the word consistancy , have a look at your results and try and see where you may have done better, If you allow your sails to flap for 2 seconds you will loose 1 yard , key is do not take your eye off the trim on your boat for one second !!!!! , Also have to say some of the best racing we have had at the farm for some time ( we must keep on top of the floaty weed at all times) it really does make a differnce .

A Win for Mick Ch well done ,Jen H 2nd and Gordon 3rd and many many thanks to all who helped with rakes and dingy and stuff to make the morning very enjoyable.

Results above
Perfect conditions
2 metres apart , note the cones to keep skippers apart
Nice Boots
10 seconds to go
Good start for Jen