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DF 65 Winter series round 4

Another good day for the DF 65’s with 11 skippers out on a mixed weather morning, started well enough but most changed down to just A rig and by the end we had a bit of driving rain, On form today was Pete Walters with 4 wins from 6 races , each race was three full on beats so a very long course,. Close on his heels was Jen Hand who would do well not to follow people who sail the wrong course !!!!!, Dave Rigby was also on form today winning the first race and getting some nice results, Keith Holmes and Mick C struggled on the day, But hey well done to Pete for the win and well done Jen for a very fine 2nd ,


Many thanks to Roger Bowtle for getting all the gear out ready for racing Mick C for changing the bouys around to give 2 good beats and everyone else for helping out and getting the stuff put away and sign board in .


The scores below are slightly different ,, in that , it was decided before the start we should race till 1 pm and the majority vote was taken , those that had to leave early were given average points , worked out By our treasurer ( cos she is good with numbers )  after Geoff had worked it out on HMS ,,,,,,,,,,,  anyway below is what it is.


Asistant OOD Peter Webster back in the Autumn

I.O.M Winter series round 8

“On a cold and frosty Morning” , hey hey 15 skippers turned up for round 8 , not a cloud in the sky, not a breath of wind, not a ripple on the water. We started the morning with a great chat and questions and answers on rig set up and tune, superbly managed by Chris E Piccy below,  Unfortunatley the wind was not going to play ball but all the lessons learned will be carried for ward to two weeks time and Skippers will have done there shrouds to allow adjustment both ways ( up and down or tighter and looser ) and all the other tips picked up. eventually Mick & Bob had a course on the South bank and boats were launched ready for the first start,,,, The wind Changed through 180 degrees as the countown was about to start so the course was left the same on the water and reversed verbally, with no loss of time, Chris E stormed into an early lead and never gave it up Peter C was 2nd with Keith taking third, I have to say at this point ,,, for some reason , for such a nice day everybody thought it was summer and lake decided to bring out some salad which kinda affected things a bit, strange but true. Race two was won by Keith thereby keeping his average good cos there was not going to be many races, and we decided to do one more race and have coffee …………………………   not sure how long the race was but allsorts of talk about places on the water , abandoning it ,, all sorts by hey Mick Ch got a puff here and a puff there and was eventually overhauling the leader Roger B and a couple of others and was rounding the weather mark for the second time in total control of the race Ha Ha ,,   any way a few more puffs  and he did after a pit stop go on to win with Keith making a massive recovery to come home second. Coffee and a vote to agree on what is best, No wind lets go home won, so plenty more chit chat about rig tune etc and that was that, I cannot remember a morning when it has been so light and frustrating, but thats sailing , well done to Keith and well done to all the helpers, for a great mornings banter, for the 15 that showed up thank you all for supporting the club it fantastic to see the number at the club so healthy, long may it continue. I was going to mention how well Geoff Streeter did today but it might upset too many people, if you know what I Mean ,,, so decided not to mention it !!!!





Chris E ‘s brilliant chat on rig tune and set up while we waited for the wind .

Geoff Streeter learning fast with his ABS

DF 95 Winter series round 4

Another good day at the lake with a little bit of everything  A suit B suit C suit Stong Gust’s sunshine , showers  wow a testing day.

Keith started well and carried on through the morning making the best choices all round. Mick Cooper sailed well for the first couple of races then had a break which did his confidence no good , Pete Walters did very well as did Jen Hand, Nice to see Roger Bowtle getting to grips with the 95 with a very consistant  set of scores, Geoff Streeter also is putting in some good races. All in all we can all be pleased with how we did in testy conditions but full marks to Keith for some great racing. The keen aproach by most skippers is beging to tell ,,, by the way with only twenty minutes racing left everybody was scrambling to change back to A suit Fantastic .


Many thanks to the race team Keith and Cooperman and also to Roger Bowlte for getting in early and getting all the gear out

well done the skippers for a good mornings racing

eventually a full rainbow

Keith Holmes todays winner .

I.O.M Winter Series Round Seven

Wow what a start to the new year,  13 skippers arrived in a fabulous steady south westerly 5 to 8 knots 9C  a bit cloudy  a breeze that steadily increased as the moring wore on to 9 to 11knots straight down the lake, We welcomed a new member David Rigby with his Vision and hope he enjoys sailing with us. Race one won by Mick  with the Sedici with Keith 2nd and Chris 3rd Race two was won by another Sedici  number 77 of Adrian and Peter Cogill with the V9 came home in 2nd,,  New member David was sailing well and finding his feet on this new patch of water and got better as the morning progressed.

The start was important as always and you can see the fleet getting much better lining up to get there place on the front line, with not to much bias on the start line you had to be on your toes to get it spot on. Mick Cooper seemed to struggle in the early races until Chris cast his eye over the rig and then he started to go well. Roger Bowtle was sailing his Lintel ( not the B/P ) and did well in the lighter stuff. the racing was very competetive all thru the fleet with some grand tussles. Top dog on the day was Mick just doing enough to keep Chris and Keith at bay. A fantastic mornings racing,

Just remember next time,  wellies are handy when the jettys are just under water .


Well done to Adrian , Roger and Jen and all the helpers to get things sorted and give us some great racing.


Concentration on a summers day

Mick checking it all out in Malta when he was a bit younger thanks Sue for the picture


All you need to go sailing , and a cuppa of course .