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Df 95 Winter series round one 27th October 2019

Wow AND WOW in Capitol letters , After the rain we have had over the last few days and especially last night, It was such a nice surprise for 12 skippers to be greeted with wall to wall sunshine and a great north westerly around 10 / 14 knots .  Mick Ch and Gordon sorted out the course whilst Jen got an early start on the Portaloo ready for next weekend , Sailing was going to be on the South bank with three great beats and two runs to a gate., It was perfect, only glitch was the starter misfired 2/3 times , an Electrical  short maybe, it was intermitent and Jen continued the countown when it misfired, Mick Ch was on fire today, the racing started in A suit for the preambles and the first race, but it was clear before the race ended that B suit was required, and so the race team gave 15 minutes for almost everybody to change down to B suit  Racing restarted with all but one skipper on B suit. the top five skippers were all on B suit ,  Jen and Keith and Gordon were trying there hardest in the waves and Pete our new member was going well but the conditions and the waves made life difficult. it was looking like a white wash but Keith managed to get the win in race 6. The racing was superb all morning. The level of the lake is rising alarmingly and probably another foot of water and we could be raising all the jetty’s again !!!!!

Well done to everybody for helping out, and getting the dingy put away , and a great turnout for round one of the series

Suport the club and come sailing for a couple of hours on a Sunday morning.   results below


Looks like a port starboard coming up .

I.O.M Winter series round two 20th. October 2019

A south easterly wind with a little drizzle of rain at various times greeted the 12 sailors this morning at Scotland Farm.
Top suit was chosen even though there were very strong gusts that were to cause problems to one or two skippers.
Good to see a few sailors arriving early to help OD Peter Cogill set the course and arrange some of the bouys, equipment etc. Most notable was Chris Graves.
The lead ebbed and flowed between Rob Wilson,Chris Elliott and Keith Holmes with Rob winning on countback, a very close call.
On reflection a brilliant mornings racing for those present and a big miss for those absent.
Lastley a big thank you to Rob Wilson and Chris Elliott for giving help and guidance to those in need!

Mick Cooper

Results below Note  all entrants are members of Lincoln ,

Many thanks to Mick Cooper for the write up and Geoff Streeter for the results,


Perfect leeward start for Rob Wilsons Brit Pop

DF Winter series round one 13th October 2019

Wet !!!!! Wet !!!!! Wet !!!!! , that was the forecast and for once they got it right. It did not stop raining at all, but 9 skippers came out to play and in the very light  2/4 knots breeze we got some good racing in on the East bank.

The First race was one by Goeff S  80 A fantastic start and he led from start to finish, well done Geoff.

There was plenty of very tight racing throughout the fleet and all races were completed without a single retirement, Well done to Alan and Pete for doing the OOD duties, and of course many thanks to all skippers for making it a pleasant ( apart from the rain ) Morning and for helping put everything away at the finish. Not sure when the next DF 65 tuning session is check the calendar. But I will say just ask if you want your boat looked at before you start racing to ensure it has the best possible trim for the conditions.

If there was a skipper of the day it would have to be Geoff S  80  only been sailing a year and now firmly off the bottom of the results  Well done .

Some great DF 65 racing near you , in this case Manor park 2018

I.O.M Winter series round one 6th October 2019


Seven hardened veteran’s turned up for what was supposed to be wet & breezy morning. The forecast was anything but wet and wind varying from south easterly to almost north westerly. Overall a lovely morning with clean and competitive racing and plenty of advice given to encourage those bringing up the rear of the fleet( we’ve all been there ) a joy to be apart of this friendly club. Enough said, down to the racing:-
Race 1. 
Along east bank with south, south westerly breezed about 8-9 mph. A rig weather for all.
A close tight start could have put any boat in contention, but beating up to the windward mark sore those boats that tacked off early gain an advantage so Mick led off closely followed by Jen then myself, rounding the first mark saw the placing unchanged only Mick’s lead increasing each lap.  the boats following having there own battles Gordon and Graham then Alan and Geoff the Finish as laid out as above.
Race 2
The same course and wind speed still no rain hurray…
After some close jostling another clean start again with Adrian coming into the start slightly behind the rest but tacking off early meant that he gained ground putting him in 1st place rounding the windward mark followed by close racing from Gordon and Mick then places being fought by Jen and Graham, the down wind leg started showing some variable wind speeds and direction and jostling of positions with first 3 places unchanged Jen managed to take 4th from Graham.
Race 3
The start saw Mick and Jen gifting positions on the start line as an entanglement and subsequent retirements with technical issues    ( or did they need a rest ? ) let the rest of the field have a play, with Gordon, Graham & Adrian setting the pace to the windward mark, close racing ensued round the course with Adrian managing to take the win on the last leg followed by Gordon then Graham and Alan and Geoff gaining valuable placings.
Race 4
Wind speed increasing slightly and direction becoming more westerly meant additional mark’s were added to the course to allow for better beats to be achieved.
Out of the blocks this time came Adrian followed by Jen and Mick yet another clean start by all, positions remaining the same until lap 2 when Adrian made a tactical error allowing Jen to gain valuable ground and gaining 1st place which she held onto to the finish, experience putting the young pretender in his place ha ha…. Graham having a good battle with Gordon around the course managing to take 4th place.
Tea break and time to re think strategies (if there were any to start with) were thwarted by a total course change now along the south bank as the wind change had become more consistently from a north westerly direction. The wind strength had also increased slightly and it was intimated that a possible B set of sails could be called upon, but all sailors chose to defer at this point in time ( wise choice as it happens ).
Race 5
Mick now getting his mojo back hit the front flying with Jen & Graham on his heels this remained the case until the final upwind leg when Graham stalled while tacking allowing Adrian through to be in the hunt for a chase to the finish with Jen which he took in the final stages to cross the line in second behind Mick and only 1/2 boat length over Jen.
Race 6
This time saw Gordon off with a flying start followed by Adrian & Graham. Mick ,Jen, Alan and Geoff in hot pursuit which became follow my leader until the last beat when Graham became entangled with a back marker loosing valuable ground allowing Adrian to pass by. and with Adrian taking a narrower angle to the finish line also 1st place with Gordon a close second. Mick also taking advantage of Graham’s misfortune taking 3rd place.
Race 7
This race saw some variable wind speeds and slight wind direction causing the downwind leg a little tricky in as much as boom on port or starboard? This race proved to be yet another walk in the park for Mick this time followed by Gordon and Jen
Race 8
Again a good start with Mick leading the way round followed by Jen and Adrian with Gordon and Graham battling it out for fourth and fifth places Graham taking the spoils on this occasion.
A most enjoyable day was had by all made even better by a the fact the rain didn’t materialise. Nobody mentioned any weed I wonder why ?? another fantastic racing day missed by many and enjoyed by a few !!!!!
Thanks to race officers and those that helped in all area’s
results below . 1-0 to the Sedici’s
Race report very kindly donated by Adrian.
 And also a big thanks to Geoff for rewiring the outboard for us .