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DF 95 Summer series round 5 28th July 2019

A baking hot week preceeded our Sunday morning with tempretures well into the 30,s ,,,,,,,,, but we all rocked up , 13 of us ,to fine misty rain a decent breeze from the North West and no sign of the sun , We had a chat for the first hour on how to set up and tune ( the DF 95) the basics,  and then tried to do a few practice starts, Unfortunatley the wind direction was not where we really wanted it on this occasion as we had decided to sail on the East bank to stay away from some nasty green stuff on the south bank, any way enough of all that ,  it was great to see Chris and Lisa More again and a new visitor from Market Bosworth Andy Soars, all welcome to race any time,  and we hope they all enjoyed it . For just about the first time this year a bit of floaty salad came into play and made life a tad difficult for most skippers at some time or other , the racing was tight all around the fleet and skipper were for the mst part doing their turns when they should , the start as I said before was not perfect  but sometimes you just have to bite the bullett and get on with things, Mick C won the first three races before the dreaded weed struck, and both Chris and Andy had some good races, Lisa gets better everytime she comes to Lincoln and must be please with her 2nd and 3rd, Jen was a little slower today but as I said the weed did not care who got in the way.


Results below and just a hearty vote of thanks to all the helpers and especially Roger B who had all sorted for the race team . He also sailed much better than normal, just got a little excited on the final mark before the finish in one race I notticed, But maybee a lesson learned ( dont tack to early for the mark ,, make sure you can lay it easy ) far better to tack and the have to bear away , than tack and then have to pinch to get round !!!!!


great turnout, great banter, hope to see you all in about three weeks time for some more exciting DF 95 racing


IOM Summer Series Round 8 21st July 2019

Guys and Gals I know i keep saying it ,,,,,, but another great day at the lake perfect breeze 10 knots straight down the east bank nice and warm and a great fleet of 11 skippers  ,,could have been more but Rob, Graham , Bob ,and Geoff B , Jen could not make it ,

They probably missed one of the best days at the lake , gotta say NO blinking weed at all and it has been good all year, Racing was tight at the front, tight in the middle , and tight at the back , everybody is sailing realy well just lately .

We welcomed Geoff S with his new charge an AB4 and whilst it will take time to adjust, he has gone well today and I am pleased to report has enjoyed every minute of it. Chris E started well as did Mick Cooper with Chris G looking sharp. Race two had Chris G Britpop from the Sedici of Mick C and then Chris E who is always a strong force in any conditions.

Race three and Mick C took was to be the first of four straight wins with a variety of runners up, It was all about the shifts and utter concentration, and then from race seven with Chris E  gaining a couple of bullits and Chris G always in contention, Adrian seemed to fade in the last three races but had some firm placings during the morning. Mick Cooper showed some fine form and considering he only started sailing four years ago, can now be assured he is in the top flight at the club only just beating Roger B on countback ( up to 9th place) ,  All in all a fab days racing and that is what it is all about .

Many thanks to Roger B and Ed W  for keeping is all organised with some excellent course setting and getting 9 long races in , and not forgetting all the helpers for putting the dingy away etc etc

Results below

snipped 201907 21 IOM SS 8

DF65 Summer Series Round 4 14th July 2019

The wind direction was as forecast, from the NE ish with only small variations at irregular intervals. Strength was light, 5-7 mph punctuated by a sharp dry squall mid morning just to keep us all awake.

Thanks to Alan N for running the morning, assisted by others as required, but particularly Roger who not only got the racing kit set up and ready but also managed to do some work on the mower as well.

snipped 201907 14 DF65 SS 4

IOM Summer Series Round 7 7th July 2019

Beautiful morning at the lake , 11 Skippers showed up, only thing missing was a decent breeze. OOD,s had a dificult task today as the wind was doing some 180 degree turns , however it was as they say the same for all and we got in 5 long races , each with three almost full length beats. Mick with the Sedici was quick today and took the first four races, Jen hand sporting her brand new Brit Pop was also quick, The breeze at times just switched off and then came back and you were lucky or you missed out some would say it was a lottery, but it was a pleasant morning, Thanks to the OOD’s  and to Alan for manning the finish line and all the helpers with the dingy etc . Geoff may have taken a few pics so I will add these later, also just to Add  that Geoff has now become a I.O.M owner, so will be joining us soon .

snipped 201907 07 IOM SS 7


A few pics from a calm lake for round 7 , many thanks Geoff