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DF 95 Summer Series Round 2 26th May 2019


Another fantastic day at the lake for round   of the DF 95 summer series , winds from the south west around 12/ 14 knots made it just B rig although there were three A rigs trying it .

We welcomed Chris and Lisa More, from Askern and the morning started with Specific training to the DF 95 , this was taken by Mick Chamberlain and included setting up the boat and rig with visuals on an actual boat so all could see what they are trying to achieve each time they put the boat on the water, approximately one hour, The script and also some DF 95 measurements have been added to the website but care should be taken , as we do not know how correct they are,

Racing got underway around 1045 with 11 skippers ( good for bank holiday weekend ) and Chris More on a B rig took the first bullet in fact he took the next two races, Mick C was on the A rig he did the training on and was in close contention for a couple of races but it was clear it should be B rig and at coffee break after three races he changed down.

Roger Bowtle and Jen Hand had some good races as did Lisa More still struggling with her A suit.

The wind picked up a little towards the end but at least the rain held off, It seemed that changing down for Mick C did the trick as he took all remaining four races, after the coffee break when a load of cakes appeared from nowhere ( many thanks Diane) it was Rogers big birthday.

Hopefully the advice on tune and rig will have come in handy, and the “ process” can be used from here on in, Many thanks to the race team and especially Ivan and Roger.  7 good races and not a sign of Salad made for a great mornings racing.

snipped 201905 26 DF95 SS 2

Ten skippers and not forgetting our Jen who took the picture.

Piccy from the recent DF 95 Nationals at Eastbourne 51 first overall 199 second overall well done many thanks to Dave Pickett

More from the Nationals many thanks Dave Pickett

More Many thanks Dave Pickett

IOMSummer Series Round 4 19th May 2019

At the beginning the weather was rtue to the forecast – 3 – 4 MPH from a generally Northern direction. This gradually veered to North East before disappearing altogether. Together with the re-appearance of the floaty weed, this led to 7 rather frustrated skippers only completing 6 races during the course of the morning.

Thanks to Chaz J and Alan E for standing in as race officers at the last minute.

snipped 201905 19 IOM SS 4

DF 65 Summer Series Round 2 12th May 2019


A foggy misty calm scene greeted the skippers as they arrived at the lake, A little raking at the sides of the lake to get rid of the salad prior to racing and some idle chit chat continued,,  because racing did not really look like it was going to happen on the glassy smooth surface of the lake, but hey presto, we had 11 eager skippers and unfortunatley a few who did not make it cos most of the roads around Lincoln were closed for a bike race,

Racing got started on time 2 knots maybe 3 knots of wind and straight out of the blocks was Keith H followed by Alan N with his new yellow peril, Mick C could not get going at all despite using his super light green Icarex sails, Ivan won race 2  with Billy Mac close behind , and Adrian C started bad but improved as the morning wore on (slowly,,,,) in fact after race 2 tea break was called while we waited for some wind, 20 minutes later we had maybe 3/4 knots and it was pleasant light airs sailing for all Adrian had his best spell with two 2nd’s and a 1st. In the end we had six races that allowed one discard and was won by King Keith so well done to him because at time it was extremley frustratingly slow going.

Well done to all the helpers and the OOD’s Keep your eye open for the series results which should be up in the next couple of days and lets have a great turnout for round 3

snipped 201905 12 DF65 SS 2


DF 65’s at Manor park in 2018

I.O.M Summer series round three

The Morning started with a teach in with rig tuning using Roger Bowtles Brit Pop as a guide for starters then a few basic rules at the weather mark and then a couple of practice starts to try and get the hang of keeping your boat stationary on the start line as the clock winds down, great job by Chris Elliott and many thanks to him a few lessons learned I am sure, and some great questions being fired back at Chis by the tentative audience, 12 skippers in all.

Racing proper got under way by 11am and 6 races were completed by 1pm, Adrian Cripps hot off the line in race one went on to take the win, Before Chris E moved up a gear and took race two. Bob Geary sailed a very consistant set of 6 race discarding his worst position a 4th, great sailing Bob well done. The breeze was between 3/4 and I would say 6 knots and every race and every beat was different.

All in all a good morning for all and combining the racing with the teach in worked well. Well done to Chris for the win, and everybody who helped out.  some pics below


With the rules in progress Chris stressed all these ducks were on Starboard, and also had an overlap!!!


A keen ear for the rules and tuning chat with Chris E

Boat tune and set up

All done with a smile

When everybody had gone the mower got fixed Many thanks Roger .


Chris E winner round three