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DF 95 Winter series Round two

Great turnout for this up and coming class at the club, 11 skippers arrived and with no wind forecast what could you expect,.,                                         Correct no blooming wind.

Race officer Billy Mac got stuff organised along with great help from Roger Bowtle and other members. Sailing took place on the East bank with a double zig zag to keep the boats closer to the bank. Dave Burke returning from a long lay off took the first race but it was never going to be easy, Keith sailing 39 sailed nice and steady and got some good results before the break, after a cup of strong coffee he did even better recording two bullits The fleet has suddenly bulked up from 4 ish boats to 11 and I do know three more skippers have managed to remortgage their houses and get boats so if the weather is kind we could have 13/14 boats out for round three. Tips on tuning will continue should anybody need it. all in all a great mornings racing in 1 to 2 knots if that.

Well done to Kieth or is it Keith for the top step of the podium and thanks to everybody for making it an enjoyable morning and staying to help put the stuff away



IOM Winter Series Round 3 18th November 2018

16 Skippers came to the line, very light , kinda no wind, but it was to soon fill in to a comfortable 5 to 8 knots from the North East , sailing from the East bank in glorious sunshine, Keith Holmes was quick of the mark in race one, With Rob W taking race two, Big news of the day was Phils Harphams new I.O.M made from a plastic printer at home ( sorry dont know the techo term) It looked fantastic and sailed really well,, a couple of rig mods  and the boat will go really well, so well done Phil.. The top 4 boats had a right ding dong battle with Chris E coming out on top but only just, Chris G is right up there, Nice to see Rob W and hopefully we shall see more of him. You will all be pleased that there was no sign of salad at all, but what we did get was copius amounts of sticky chocolate cake as it was Chaz J 75 birthday, many thanks for that Chaz . Looking further down the order and certainly no disrepects we are seeing quite a few skippers steadily improving in this class ,amidst a pretty hot fleet, what was also nice to see was, we started with 16 skippers and we finished with 16 , Mick Cooper after only three years sailing is now a regular mid fleet sailor as is Roger Bowtle both have improved this year, and will only get better,  Chaz Jordan sailed out of his skin today getting a seventh place ( could be the cake) Adrian C with his new boat seems to be enjoying his racing much more and i am sure it wont be long before we see him challenging the leaders. All in all a great mornings racing with skippers coming from far and wide. Great thanks to the OOD’s and all the little helpers.

Two more rounds before Xmas Dont miss it come and join in the great racing .



snipped 201811 18 IOM WS 3


just after the start in race 4 with Chris Graves in prime position

Phil’s new boat

DF65 Winter Series Round 2 11th November 2018

Another very nice morning at Scotland farm a bit damp to start but by the time racing started it had dried out. Racing started on the South bank as the breeze was 5 to 8 knots south East but after the Tea break we moved to the East bank favored by many. At 1100 hrs a two minute silence was held to pay our respects to the fallen, Doug Hearn gave a short chat on his family ancestry to relate what happened during that time, and I am sure many of us could relate many similar stories I am sure. Mainly a A + rig day but some heavy gusts had many rushing to change down to smaller rigs, Mick C with his green A + rig mastered the conditions well, after Roger B won the first race. A very good fleet of 11 skippers had some great racing. This class is steadily improving and will only get better, practice and commitment is key to learning how your DF 65 will handle under a variety of conditions.

Well done to the race team and the helpers, the courses were quite long ( not that anyone was complaining ) and hence only seven quality races.

Keep your eye on the series click here 

Round three is on 9th December, when there will be a twenty minute tuning guide chat by Mick C for those who arrive at 0900. There will also be Mince pies and a tot of mulled wine to steady your hands at the half time break.

snipped 201811 11 DF65 WS 2

DF 65 racing at Manor park 2018



IOM Winter Series Round 2 4th November 2018

A fairly dull mornng was brightened by the sight of 18 skippers ready for action. This must be something of a record!!. However the wind was not helping, being from somewhere between South and East and putting a large proportion of the accessible lake in wind shadow. Two laps of a long course meant that only 7 races were completed.

Due to the large number of boats  there were occasions when a cluster arrived  at the finish line together putting the scorer under unusual pressure. In race 4 boat no 139 was not recorded, as was boat no 99 in race 5. These boats were awarded the average of their scores in the other races.

snipped 201811 04 IOM WS 2