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IOM Summer Championship and DF 95 Summer Series Round 3 24th June 2018

The recent weather conspird against the 9 skippers who turned out today. Due to the lack of significant wind the weed was still out in the body of the lake instead of being blown to one or other of the banks. Todays wind was similar, varying in strength from nothing to not vry much and in direction from NW to SE.

Thanks to Graham and Doug for getting the best out of a very frustrating morning.

snipped 201806 24 IOM SCH3

snipped 201806 24 DF95 SS3

IOM Summer Series Round 3 17th June 2018

12 skippers were greeted by a great “WsW breeze 12 to 14 knots , warm and racing started on the South Bank. Keith Holmes was quick of the mark with two bullits with his old I.O.M the ” Cheinz”. The Lake after the big cut on Wednesday and the strong south westerly was free of weed and some  very processional races,  Things improved after the coffee break when racing was moved to the East bank and a decent beat long beat made racing much better and the breeze at times was 90% of top rig, and gave for some very interesting races. The Sedici GBR 46 found the sweet spot and apart from a couple of premature starts had a consistant morning in preperation for the upcoming ranking next weekend, in darkest Southport.

Thanks to the race officer Chris Elliott

and many thanks to all who signed Bobs card which has duly been delivered.


snipped 201806 17 IOM SS 3

Sedici ” Back to Black” GBR 46

DF 65 Summer Series 10th June 2018

Fantastic summer morning , very little breeze , a lot of shifts and flat clams and it made for a bit of frustration , There was a bit of weed around and it affected most, but there were no moans we got on with it. Roger and Bill were the OOD’s and with not a lot of choices we raced on the South bank where one minute is was a beat and the next a run, Keith got of to a great start with two clear bullits, Mick Cooper almost the fiast time out with the Dragon on A + was quick and was sailing well, Good fleet of nine boats all on A+ as you can see one discard and the lower your discard the better your chances. Mick Chamberlain sporting his new green Icarex sails from Nigel Brown at Cat Sails stormed to victory with Keith and the other Mick on the podium. In spoite of the light conditions it was exciting racing, just one more point the committe had aranged in the week for a fly past of the Battle of britain Memorial flight , they duly carried out the request at 1 pm for all to see .

Well done to all for the help and manner in which the mornings sailing was conducted


snipped 201806 10 DF65 SS 3

Micks Icarex sails 146 with an imposter in the background


IOM Summer Championship and DF95 Summer Series Round 2 3rd June 2018

Due to a combination of weed cutting on Wednesday and a series of days with very little wind there was more than the usual amount of floating hazard. Today was another day of very little wind blowing from a variety of directions. Only 4 races were managed during the morning.

Thanks go to all the skippers who suffered the frustrating conditions cheerfully and pitched in with help where appropriate.

Finally thanks to Roger who, as usual, was first to the lake and last away.

snipped 201806 03 IOM SCH2

snipped 201806 03 DF95 SS2