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IOM Summer Series Round 2 27th May 2018

A great summers morning at Scotland farm, sunshine and a good breeze and Chris GBR 74 was on fire in the challenging wind conditions from the North East, and did in fact go on to win, so well done . The breeze increased through the morning and by noon it was right at the top end of A suit, very gusty and shifty, Course laying was difficult, and it was always going to be one sided wich ever bank you played on, Mick Copper and Chris graves drew on their years of experience to give us all the best options and we managed to get 13 races in before Time was called at 4 minutes to one. Only eight skippers but it was a bank holiday so family comes first, well at least thats what they tell me,

Well done to all the little helpers and the race team for an enjoyable mornings racing No salad reported at this time, in fact for the last two weeks  and the lake looks fantastic


snipped 201805 27 IOM SS 2

Dragon Force 65 Summer Series Round 2 20th may 2018

Typical DF 65 weather, very light winds but this time with plenty of sunshine. The wind was from the SE giving a beat and run course on the south bank. The wind under the east bank was turbulent leading to some frustrations at the finish.

Keith was clearly master of the conditions ending the day a very worthy winner.

Many thanks to the duty officers for the day, Bob and Pete.

snipped 201805 20 DF65 SS 2


IOM Summer Championship and DF 95 Summer Series Round 1 13th May 2018

Morning started off very chilly but after all sound checks were completed Roger Bacon the OOD called all to order and set a brilliant course from the south bank. 9 skippers,,  that could have been ten took part, but for some missing shrouds !!!!!!  with a decent breeze from the North West and with the tempreture getting warmer as the morning wore on, racing was done in a good tone despite some frustrating salad, on offer,  winner and well deserved Dave Burke in the I.O.M class .

And top dog in the DF 95 class was Ivan Stevenson never being out of the top three, Many thanks to Roger Bacon and all the little helpers for an enjoyable mornings racing .


snipped 201805 13 IOM SCH1

snipped 201805 13 DF95 SS1

Dave Burke 30 looking good on Starboard .

DF 95 blasting along on the run

IOM Summer Series Round 1 6th May 2018

A great day dawned Sun for a change but very light winds , eventually the forecast breeze came 3/5 knot from the Sout East. Darin was quickly into his stride, and the Brit Pops  were going to be hard to beat, By race four the breeze had got a tad strnger 5/7 knots and some good racing all thru the fleet was had on the south bank . Congratulations to Darin , as winner and many thanks to OOD’s Darin and Chris G for keeping the racing moving in a relaxed manner.


98 on a power run


snipped 201805 06 IOM SS 1

Darin B winner of first of the summer series