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Round 2 of IOM Summer Championship and DF 95 Summer Series 28th May 2017

Another fantastic day at Scotland farm for the combined I.O.M championship and DF 95 series , First up the I.O.M

Darin Ballington fresh from his exploits at the worlds in France and once again showed his class. The morning started with a rules half hour with Chris Elliott giving a chat on different parts of the rules and strategy with a little help from Darin and Dave Burke,  and this went down well with the members,  so more of that to come in future weeks I am sure. Racing got underway a little late, we sailed off the East bank and because the wind was due west the weather mark was a slight eyesight test, but I have to say a lot less mayhem there than I have seen in the past. We had a couple of visitors, always welcome, but it was Darin who took the first 4 races with Chris in close attendance, It was going to be a brit pop day, taking the three top places. The start line seemed more orderley,  probably due to the chat we had, and racing was done with generally good behaviour.

Well done to Darin and many thanks to Race officers Mick and Ed   results below

snipped 201705 28 IOM SCH 2

Blistering speed , as you would expect D B’s Brit Pop

Four skippers contested round two of the DF 95 great breeze and they just did the one lap of the course . again from the East bank. Ivan took control staright away with four wins, Gordon just could not get going early on, but picked up by race five gaining a couple of wins, Alan Edgar got a couple of good results late on but it was not enough to worry Ivan who won the last race and took the top step of the podium. A great racing day and everybody went home happy, I must just mention Ed who was assistant OOD , he got a second in race one , but may have been suufering from a sleep issue as it kinda went downhill after that, Keep practicing Ed it will come good in the end .  results below


snipped 201705 28 DF95 SS 2








It’s these laylines , tell me more about laylines .

Please pay attention .






A fantastic morning greeted eleven skippers for round two of this summer series. A gentle breeze from the South enabled a course to be set on the east Bank. It was noted that the water level had again increased due to the constant rain of last week. Keith Holmes was trying out the new A rig + and in actual fact won every race bar none proving that in the lighter conditions more sail area did make a difference, Keith did not feature in the results of this round for that reason and was happy to trial the new rig, which over the coming months the skippers will take a vote on to see if we can introduce this rig in our DF 65 fleet as optional ( at the moment it is banned ) .

On to the racing Alan Newman started well in race one with a win and a second in race two, Phil Harpham was sailing consistantly well as was Gordon Bennett. The breeze was steady all morning and the sun had a glorious warmth to it that helped to keep it all very lighthearted on the bank. Only once or twice did I hear the shouts of “starboard” or “water at the Mark”,  it was so quiet I thought my hearing aids had packed up. Great club racing and in the end Mick C came out on top with Phil H not to far behind , countback had Alan N just pipping Gordon B. I was very pleased to see Ed Whitaker getting the hang of it and actually sailing very well at times,  also young Joe Harpham was finally enjoying some good results.

All in all a great day , many thanks to Keith and Joe for the OOD duties and all the skippers for turning up and having fun, A good turnout but could be a little better.

Great little boats the DF 65 fleet ( Thanks Sue Brown )


Mick admin

IOM Championship and DF 95 Summer Series Round 1 7th May 2017

A fantastic turnout of 21 of the 26 members for the first of the summer series . Weather was cool and the wall to wall stuff did not come. but firstly ;let me chat about the I.O.M championship, 16 skippers !!!!!!  well done all of you and I think you will all agree how exciting it was. The sailing was from the south bank and the wind strength was about 70% of top suit, so a decent breeze. Darin was trying out a new rig in anticipation of heading of to do the world championships in france next friday, but hey on to the racing. 10 races were sailed and Chris E started well and for the first seven races was not out of the top two, Darin kinda took a while to get going but got stronger towards the end, and Rob Wilson put some good results together and it was good to see him back after a bit of an absence.  A couple of stand out skippers were Bob Geary taking 3 x 3rd places so just needs to brush up on his consistancy, and Mick Cooper getting a mid fleet position by hook or by crook, and putting much more experienced skippers in the shade. Also I nottice young Joe Harpham sailing well in a few and only ending up 5 points behind the Brit Pop of Graham K,   Brit Pops took the first 3 places, with the V9 of Mick C doing well to hold onto 4th place. A lot of skippers came from quite a long way to compete,  so very well done to you all and a special vote of thanks to the race team Graham K and Gordon B great job .

Darin todays winner ,and Lincoln most succesful skipper, good luck for the worlds in France next week Lincoln will be watching you

Please lets continue this great attendance if we can, we all enjoy it so much more.  RESULTS BELOW

snipped 201705 07 IOM SCH 1

Five skippers contested the DF 95 summer series a full house for the club, The races for the DF fleet started a minute later than the I.O.M’s and because it was quite a long course only did one lap, it  seemed to work well with the DF finishing just before the I.O.M fleet and as far as I could see no incidents between the two classes. Gordon B 38 sailed a very consistant set of races, with Alan Edgar keepeing him on his toes and sailing the best I have seen him sail winning 4 races, Ivan seemed to stuggle for the first 5 races before geting into his stride and Ed who has only just started sailing has asked for extra tuition on a Wednesday after the work prty has finished. There may be plands for this fleet to have it’s own day soon so all I can say is it is a fantstic one design boat at a decent price, I would like to see this fleet grow in the months to come, and one design means it is the skippers abilitie that will winn the races. well done to all the skippers including Phil who unfortunatley had a winch failure afetr five races.

DF 95 great one design boat at a great price



snipped 201705 07 DF95 SS 1