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IOM Winter Championship and DF 95 Winter Series 26th March 2017

Another sunny day at Scotland Farm welcomed 8 IOM and 2 DF 95 Skippers. not a bad turn out for Mothers Day. The wind proved somewhat unco-operative, varying in strength from very light to a gentle breeze and in direction from NE to NW.

Well done to the  RO Dave Thomas for sticking to his decision to sail from the South bank as this provided some good sailing for most of the morning.

Results below

snipped 201703 26 IOM WCH 6

snipped 201703 26 DF95 WS 6


What a cracking day at Scotland farm , not a great turnout but quality was the name of the game. The wind blew strong from the south west giving a first class beat up the east bank , C suits were in favour and by the end of racing a D suit would not have been out of order. Chris E started well taking a chance on B suit it all looked bad until the final beat when the wind went light and Chris surged ahead to take the win, roles reversed in race two when the wind stayed strong for all 5 legs and Mick Chamberlain took the gun. Breakages then started to take there toll and Jen hand took the honours in race three. Mick Cooper first time out with his new TNT  had a few teethers as would be expected but got stronger as the morning wore on finishing the day with a third place, Phil H was also going well in the breeze posting some good results. PLEASE NOTE . The results have now been changed as there was some debate on Sunday evening about boats retiring or not retiring etc etc . Say no more . This has changed the results and the new results can be seen below. Well done to Chris and also well done to Jen hand.

Many thanks to Bob Geary and Mick Cooper for the OOD duties . Only one round left on the 9th April and it will be all to play for that’s for sure



Jen Hand at speed , she now has a new boat diff colour

Dragon Force 65 Winter Series 12th March 2017

Round seven and a very nice morning at Scotland Farm, wind was non starter with just a bit of flat_ _ _ _ _ from the five skippers.  Race officer Ivan laid a fantastic course and we managed three races. Although the racing was slow , we all learned quite a bit about life, Allergies, Polups, Prostrate, gluten , and gluten free, you name it,  it was discussed  at length in some case’s, The rain was not enough to wet our heads and the wall to wall sunshine was hiding. Well done to Ed who had his best result to date in one race 3rd . Not many rounds left before the summer series starts !!!!

snipped 201703 12 DF65 WS 7

Pic Sue Brown 2016

IOM Winter Championship and Dragon Flite 95 Winter Series Round 5 5th March 2017

Wall to wall rain greeted the13 skippers for round five of the Championship , in a very nice south easterly breeze , Top suit was favoured just,, and we saw two new B/P racing and doing very well. Jen’s old B/P was sold to Graham K who raced it for the first time and had a consistant morning. Jens new B/P was also going very quick,   It was good to see Alan N GBR 0 having a decent day and even more impressive was Bob G who had his problems,  but when the boat was going he posted two wins. The racing was good all through the fleet, and eventual winner Keith H gbr 88 with his new B/P will be a force to be reckoned with by the time the summer series comes around , Well done Keith,  and we must also give a big thank you to Graham Allen for a super job as OOD with help from one or two other skippers it made for a very enjoyable morning ,, Apart from the rain of course .


The DF 95 fleet was down to three skippers but provide some good racing and hopefully a DF convert in Graham Allen, who was well in the mix untill the winch drum came off in the second to last race. Ivan won the split decision posting 4 wins to Gordons 3 , exciting racing but the rain spoiled it for most after all we are not getting any younger but at least we are all home now and dried out . Well done Ivan