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Dragon Force 65 round 5 29th January 2017

Dragon Force 65 round 5 winter series 29th January 2017

A fine day greeted 10 skipper’s lovely sunshine, a little light southerly maybe force 2 and some great racing, Keith was a little unlucky in missing two races with rudder failure and Mick Chamberlain tried to take full advantage by winning the first race but falling apart in the second. The racing was all on the East bank and OOD’s Bob and Gordon laid a sensible one lap course. It seemed the fun was back at the farm, the club house was full to overflowing with raptures of laughter coming from within, most of the chat was about a certain boat that was supposed to come from Italy and for whatever reason has not arrived. A certain Picture may be put on Facebook soon,  and delivery may be within a few days. (sorry private joke) due to the lightness of the wind only 5 races took place and top dog for the day was Mick Chamberlain closely followed by Bob Geary

It was nice to see 10 skippers out of a total of 15 who own DF 65’s at the club , Those who missed it , it was great fun and we hope to see you next time.

Well don Bob and Gordon the OOD’s




Piccy Sue brown with Micks gbr 46 going well


Very light drifty conditions met the skippers with nice sunshine , I would like to say force one, but I would be lying, then the sun went in and it was quite cold, so starting with the I.O.M fleet,  Chris Elliott drifted a little quicker than the rest and had a clean sweep well done  Chris,



the Df 95 twosome also drifted around chatting most of the way and Mick C took 5 out of 6 races , we raced on the South Bank and many thanks must go to Alan Newman who came all the way from near Peterbourough to do the OOD job , Thanks also to Chris for keeping us warm with ginger cake at half time.


While the racing was a little slow , we had the chance to welcome another new member to the club brought along by Graham K , his name is Roger, and he is very keen to get started, I am sure we shall see a lot more of both of them this year as they can sort out a little car share from the Boston area .

Mick admin

IOM Winter Series Round 3 – 15th January 2017

The day started with rain. What there was of the wind was from the SW. After two races the wind had reduced and race 3 was a drifting match. Fortunately the rain had also stopped. A refreshment break was called. Finally the wind filled in again, this time from the NW requiring a decamp from th east bank to the south bank. A further 4 races were run in the time remaining.

Peter and Chris did a good job in difficult conditions.

Well done to Chris for some consistent racing, as can be seen below the rest of the places were closely fought for throughout the morning.



Another fine day at Scotland farm, Very light non exsistant breeze gave the skippers the chance to chew the cudd and generally put the world to rights Nobody went home we just chatted, drunk tea, sipped coffee, and generally had a laugh. Around 11 am a decent force two came in from the south west and we sparang into action. The race team bless there hearts had been there since before 9 am and had got the board out and fetched the Dingy             ( just in case ). As it was they set a nice long beat up the East bank followed by a run and then a long beat to the finish.  8 skippers on a very short start line behaved and all in all it was good sailing. We managed to get in 5 races packed up had another cupa, put the stuff away and went home.

Many thanks to Keith our OOD and assistant Alan Edgar, also Hopalong Ed who is recovering from his foot operation but just wants to get down to the  lake, if he can scrounge a lift , Ed sat down and did the scoring for us Thanks guys. Results are below, and Kieth with an original set of sails took the day, Phil was a close second. Alan Newman came all the way from Bourne not sure how many miles that is !!!!!!!  shame some more local skippers could make it.




123 at speed