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IOM Winter Championship and DF95 Winter Series 27th November 2016

Nine  competitors showed up for round 1, of this series some from quite long distances, we have to thank 3 race officers one from Leicestershire one from Grimsby and one from the other side of Lincoln, They travelled so we could enjoy our racing , Hats off to them. 5 competitors out of a possible 25, An umbelievable poor turnout for such a nice day.

The breeze was quite light from the North and the I.O.M’s  did three laps of a windward leeward course, and the DF 95 did two. 10 races were completed and Dave Burke  sailing his brand new Brit Pop swept the board, with Keith Holmes in his 3 year old Chienz runner up in the I.O.M class.  So many thanks Bert , Norman, and Roger. results below .

The DF 95 fleet was 4 boats out of a possible 5, and they had some close racing, unfortunatley Gordon B 38 slipped on the bank and snapped his mast, otherwise it could have been closer Mick Chamberlain took the honours on the day, with Ivan coming in second.




I do realize everybody has an agenda on a Sunday morning,  but on this showing a lot more support is needed at the club.





Dragon Force 65 Winter Series Round 2 20th November 2016

DF 65 events were getting a reputation for being “no wind” events. All that has now changed! A cold wind blew in from a little west of north which put even B rigged boats to the test. By the end of racing 8 boats had been reduced to 5 by a combination of boat problems and a “too cold to function properly” skipper.

Congratulations to Chris Elliott for an impressive set of results

Congratulatons also to Chaz and Geoff for keeping the event moving at a pace which did not allow for too much standing around and getting any colder.



IOM Winter Series Round 1 13th November 2016

A fantastic Mornings racing at Scotland farm 13 skippers contested round one of the Winter series in clear sky’s and a gentle 8/10 knot north westerly.

A warm welcome to Craig Raistrick 62 sailing his MX 16. Sailing took place on the South Bank, and the competition was hot, Gordon Bennett was sailing his Brit Pop for the first time, and I can divulge he is very happy. Mick Chamberlain took the honours on the day with the V9 in a hard fought set of races. Our greatest thanks go to Norman Fish who got the boat round and set up the racing for us all and Alan Edgar who did our scoring, well done to both of you. Look out for the next round, check the calendar for full details.



Mick C V9 , trim on , Piccy Sue Brown


Come to a lake in Lincoln that doesn’t even show up on google maps they said, in November they said, it will be freezing cold & blow a gale they said, it’ll rain, you’ll get muddy and parts of your body will go numb they said. Well they weren’t wrong but I’m still happy I said yes to the inaugural DF95 Nationals at Lincoln Model Yacht Club.

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Sue Browns fantastic pictures here


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