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Design and Equipment Guide 2014

Top gun stuff for R/M skippers
well worth a read , might make you wanna buy one

Marblehead Class Radio Sailing in the UK

Nationals Gear Guide

We have formulated a comprehensive list on Designs and Equipment being sported by the fleet at the recent 2014 Nationals at Keighley. The conditions over the event saw skippers use no more than 3 rigs, from A rig down to full size C rig but the guide will give you an idea on what rigs are being carried to cover the full range of conditions here in the UK.

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Sunday 25th May was probably the first full day of racing at Scotland Farm that heralded beautiful sunshine a good top suit breeze from the south-east and some very exciting racing in both the classes sailed.                                                   I suppose we must start by offering our sincere thanks to Gordon for his hard work in sorting out and building a  lightweight trolley for the dingy that makes it easy to move launch and retrieve. It enables just a couple of guys to get it ready for the water. Also pleasing was the fact that everybody was keen to get going with the racing and there were 8 cars on site by 9am , this enabled us to get all the tasks done so we could start the racing on time at 10am so well done everybody.

First up were the I.O.M class with 9 contestants and Chaz did our scoring and also ensured we all observed the rules, (his boat is in the process of being repaired ) but did a fine job.A windward leeward course with two laps was set and it was clear from the first two races that Mick C meant business with two straight wins With Martin L,  Alan N , Bob G, and Gordon B all posting some very good results , race three followed a similar pattern Mick C being closely followed by Martin L, and a very good third place by Alan N. The breeze was constant but very fluky coming over the corner of the lake with some big shifts that changed with every race. Race 4 saw a big change with Martin L taking the victory and Mick C nowhere to be seen after getting in all sorts of trouble at the leeward mark, Alan N posted a great 2nd  with Bob G getting a well deserved 3rd , Jim D also got a good result with a 7th despite having radio problems . races 5 and 6 Martin showed his dominance with two first places which left Mick C with no answers. A fantastic mornings sailing that everybody enjoyed , Study the results below to see how you all fared from race to race , well done to Martin who shaved it from Mick , Also very well done to Alan with two 2nd’s and two 3rd’s.

I.O.M round 4 summer 2014

Round 4 Dragon force summer series .

7 Dragons came to the line , the course was a little shorter but just as shifty with a top suit breeze , Th first race was won by Mick H after a fantastic start which did prove when you get a good start and clear air  you can sail your own race Martin got the second and Mick C third , Race two saw Chaz get into gear with a great second place and Bob G a pleasing third , All the races were great to watch with close racing , and in Race four  Chaz dominated and just crossed ahead of the chasing Martin, Consistency is the key in racing, and also possibly being conservative as well especially on the first leg of the course, try to stick with the leaders and then on the final beat make your move and put pressure on..  8 races were held  in pretty warm conditions and all those who laughed at Bob in the morning cos he had his shorts on, were looking at him in envy during the afternoon with temperatures up to 20C at least. results are below , so study them to try to remember what you did right or wrong ,,, round five comes up soon and it is all to play for .

Dragons round 4 25th May 2014

Series results will go up tonight






RM SUMMER SERIES 18th May 2014

The usual 5 RMs turned out along with 7 IOMs. It was a warm spring day with a gusty SE wind which did not line up with any of the buoys on the lake. After some sterling work by Bob and Gordon in the boat a good course was arranged with a beat into the corner which was done twice. As can be seen from the results racing was fairly close. The second half of the schedule was sailed with a one minute countdown which seemed to work well and saved a little time.

snipped 201405 18 RMSS3


Last week was round 3 of the Dragons , we had ten entries !!!! but I note we have fifteen Dragons in the club , I think for some we are short of a B Rig  and next week I will give you all the info you need to get your rigs and sails  sorted out so you can race and enjoy this fabulous  class, I note that Martin is leading in the series but there is a long way to go. Don’t forget I have a Dragon in the box looking for a new owner It could be you !!!!

I have posted a new video of the month on the site for May , I know some of you have not seen these YouTube vids but they are always interesting so click on the link “VIDEO OF THE MONTH” and see what an interesting vid we have for this month, all the past videos are still on the page so if you missed one don’t worry and they are not all about sailing .

This weekend is round three of the Radio Marblehead at Scotland Farm, Yes we know it is a bank holiday and I have spoken before about the mistake  , so please try not to spoil the party, and turn up and race , the weather is looking really good so lets try and make it a record turnout ,, If you don’t have a Marblehead, don’t worry just bring along your I.O.M you will not get any points but will enjoy racing against the formula one of model yacht racing, There may be one or two Dragon races after wards for those who are keen. For those who are interested in The Marblehead this weekend coming is the National Championships at Keighley in Yorkshire , Mick is going up to run their rescue boat and help out generally , so will get some great pictures and info about some very expensive boats if you want to follow the action click this link   Hope you enjoy it .

The weekend following is an all day event with I.O.M in the morning and Dragons in the afternoon , lets hope the weather is kind , It could be the best turnout of the year and we may well have another new member joining us, so lets all be around to welcome him.Sandwiches and Flasks at the ready.

For all of you who do Facebook we have a new facebook page ,                                                                                              just seach it out on    Google        “Lincoln Model Yacht Club” and then LIKE it,  you will be amazed ?/)$!\!?/ Thanks Jackie .

There has been a rumour at the club that some new boats ( or new second user boats ) are coming soon , unfortunately I am unable to say too much at this point and all I can say is watch this space, one other thing before I leave you all in piece is, we will be organizing some Wednesday work party’s over the next few weeks , to do some light tasks at the club so if you have mastered the knack of sending emails yet, I would be pleased to hear from you on any aspect to do with the club and sailing in general.