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Despite being promised a nice steady south east wind it was fitful and variable from the north. 5 RMs and 5 IOMs took part in the main racing with a further 9 RG/DF for 3 fun races at the end. Unfortunately the wind slowly reduced in strength to the extent that there was not enough to get the third race as far as the start line.

snipped 201403 30 RMSS ALL BOATS

snipped 201403 30 RMSS


11 I.O.M’s came to the line on this blustery cold March morning that started at 0930 with a twenty minute rig and tune guide led by Martin Lambert and assisted By Mick Chamberlain , The importance of having new strings and good bowsie’s was first and foremost, in that easy quick adjustment is necessary to get the best from your rigs and the ability to fine tune, Racing finally got under way a little later than normal but the 6 races were all completed just after noon. B suit’s were the order of the day and it was going to be a battle royal between martin and Mick The Brit Pop seemed to have the edge in the conditions but it was very close between the two, Chaz Jordan also had some good results with 3 third places , but consistency gave overall third place to Dave Gunson with his Italian Moster. Colin Marsden gained a third in race 5 a fantastic achievement, A little more work on the strings and things during the week could see Colin on the podium more often. Bob Geary has a new boat on order and looking at his results and his consistency he should move up a peg or two when it arrives. Seymore,Jenny and Roger must be pleased with how the day went,and Jim just needs a little more practice with his lovely wooded Triple Crown. We managed to stay dry and the sunshine when it came through gave some welcome warmth.  Results posted below .

I.O.M results 23rd March 2014 jpeg


In the afternoon we had 10 Dragons , although the wind had increased by the time we started it was B suit , and one or two members were lacking in that area leaving 7  entries to fight it out over a shorter course, You really had to sail the dragons to get them through the chop on the beats but downwind they flew. we had 8 races and with a big black rain cloud threatening we called it a day around 230pm and all managed to get packed up before getting wet , Martin got his own back on Mick and everybody had some good races. We need the thank the young lad who did the scoring for us , The one thing we need to do is ensure we all have a B rig for the events , Probably the best way is to Contact RC Yachts ( Mike Weston and you can buy the rig kit and a set of sails for aprox £ 50.00 , there are also one or two sail makers in the club that may make you a set, so you only have to ask , I will try and help when I return in a bout ten days time , these boats are going to be very exciting when we get 14/15 boats out .

Results Below

dragons summer race 1 23rd march

Mick Admin





The early arrivals at the lake were surprised to find very little wind. Questions of ” where is the 20 MPH we were promised were soon answered. Closely followed by some rapid changes down to B and in some cases C rigs. The wind direction was from the west (almost ) giving a beat ( almost ) along the southern shore for a change. Most skippers seemed to like this as it saved the long walk to the start line. Thanks to Phil for doing the finish line duties.

201403 16 IOM Summer Series 1

The morning was completed by 3 races for DF/RG where those skippers with only standard rigs were overpressed and the first 3 places were taken by boats sailing smaller rigs.

201403 16 DFRG Fun Race

I will not be able to sail next Sunday. The notice board is in the toilet and Mick H has the starting box.



pic of rg 65 dragon force

Another fantastic day at Scotland Farm , The weather and sunshine meant that coats came off and a light south-westerly breeze had all boats with their top suit on. This was the first full morning for the Dragons , and twelve competitors came to the line for the first of six races, each lasting approx 20 minutes with two laps of the windward / leeward course, the beat was true but tricky and you had to pick the right side to make gains, all buoys were port rounding and it looked liked Martin 31 was straight into winning ways with a first win, Mick .C 46 got a second, and Gordon. b 23  followed up with a third place, Gordon has made all his own sails, and very nice they looked too, so I am sure there will be some orders in the pipeline!!!!! The racing proved one thing though, it didn’t really matter on sail choice as the sails that come in the box with the Dragons are equally competitive with any others, the boat also seems to be a great leveler and providing you get your trim about right the boats are easy to sail, all you need do is point them in the right direction. The racing was very competitive and there were 4 different winners in the first 4 races ,Mick.H 14 getting a second in race 3 must be very pleased with his progress and a little tweak here and there could have Mick on the podium more often, Seymore. G who borrowed the club boat for one of the races seemed to enjoy himself, although he only did the one race , The club boat is there for anybody who wants to have a go so just see Martin at Lakeside. results are posted below and I will get the Winter series results up in the next day or two. I am sure all the members will give a warm welcome to our two new members Phil and Jim , both have I.O.M and Dragons, and we look forward to racing with them in the weeks to come, If either of you need any help or assistance you only have to ask.


Norman doing some last minute adjustments to his Dragon



Seymore and Ivan on Port


Bob leads Norman and David round number 1


Nice one Gordon


Chaz getting ready to tack


Mick H 14 leads the way


Seymore just to weather


Phil leaving it wide , whilst Mick H goes close


Bob keeping it tight

Our thanks to Mick H 14 for taking these superb pictures whilst at the same time racing his Dragon